Sunday, November 10, 2013

Republican Conservatives Can Win In 2014 & 2016

There is no Democrat Party left in the United States.  There is only the Socialist Party of America, more radical than at any other time in American history, supported by the lame stream left wing media.   As such, Conservatives can win in 2014 and 2016 because our nation is actually a center right country.  However, we must recognize that there are many single issue voters so we have to learn how to play Interest Group politics, the same as the Socialists, by addressing their concerns, without surrendering our core principles.  It can be done with nuanced positions on Social Issues and Defense.   We cannot be the party of No; but instead must be the party offering solutions to the many problems we face in America.

Obviously, we must continue to support Free Market Capitalism, limited Constitutional Government, Lower Taxes and Less Regulations because these tenets are the only way to grow our economy, Gross Domestic Product and Jobs once again in our country.   So, no compromise on any of these ideas.  But, there are other issues that represent Common Sense Conservatism that we should actively articulate and support as follows: 

1.  Specific to our National Debt and Federal Government Spending:  We should stick with the Ryan Budget, the 10 year plan to bring down the cost of government and pay off our National Debt.  This could mean eliminating 500,000 federal civilian government jobs out of 2.65 million using normal attrition to do it over five years.   We also should advocate paying federal employees for like work the same as is done in the private sector for Mid-Sized companies.   We should push for eliminating redundancy, waste, fraud and abuse that exists in all programs, agencies, commissions and departments of the federal government, which could include consolidating some departments like Education, Energy and Commerce into other government functions as was the case in the past.  And, we must advocate rationale Entitlement Reform to save Social Security and Medicare.

2.  We must support comprehensive Immigration Reform that first starts with securing our border once and for all and deals with the 11 million Illegal Aliens in America along with work permits for temporary workers and Green Cards for any foreigner that graduate from one of our 4 year colleges or universities.  This does not have to be an emotional discussion.  Cooler heads need to prevail.

3.  Though the Republican Party must remain Pro-Life to maintain the base, we must recognize that abortion will not be eliminated in the United States any time soon.  The best we can do is to prohibit access after 20 weeks of pregnancy, require parental notice related to minors, make sure that abortion mills must conform to regular surgicenter standards.  Texas is leading the way on restrictions that make perfect sense.  And, any talk of limiting contraceptives for women is moronic. 

4.  It is time to support Civil Unions for Gays, while recognizing that marriage should still be confined to a man and a woman.   This is just semantics since all the same rights would be provided in either case, but it is a means of addressing the issue in a way that recognizes reality.

5.  Welfare should be converted to Workfare for able bodied people.   Either people who can work; but refuse to, should be going to school to get a vocational education, or they should be working 20 hours a week to clean up their own neighborhoods in order to get Welfare.  It should be one or the other.  We have to stop Disability Fraud.  And, Food Stamps should only be going to the people who need them.  Obama Cell Phones have to go bye, bye.  That program that cost $2 Billion a year is a waste of money. 

6.  Parents in poor areas with failing public schools should be provided the option of School Choice and Vouchers to get their kids into better schools.

7.  We should support some cuts to Defense and or require our Allies to foot more of the bill to protect themselves.  We cannot continue being the policeman of the world.   This will help secure Libertarian support.

8.  We have to preach Jobs, Jobs, Jobs to young people who graduate from university and can't find jobs.   This involves making the US Energy Independent and rolling back some EPA regulations that are killing jobs.  We need to build the Keystone Pipeline. 

9.  While we should continue to oppose ObamaCare, we need to offer solutions to the nation's health care issues to replace it.   Discrimination on the basis of Pre-Existing Conditions should be outlawed.  Americans should be able to buy private insurance across state lines.  Those buying private insurance should be able to deduct the cost the same as happens with insurance provided by company sponsored programs.  The very poorest among us should be given the Medicare Advantage Program to provide the uninsured.

Conservatives that run on this platform can win in 2014 and 2016.   Of course, this assumes a level of charisma and ability to connect with the people that very often is lacking in our candidates. 

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