Thursday, November 7, 2013

ObamaCare - 4.2 Million Medical Insurance Premiums Cancelled & Counting

President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress, that enacted ObamaCare without one single Republican vote, repeatedly promised the American people that they could keep their current medical insurance and doctors.   Obviously, that promise was a big lie and Obama knew it in 2010 when he was out on the street assuring Americans that they had nothing to worry about.  Obamanista political operatives told the President to LIE rather than tell the people the truth because they knew that ObamaCare would never have been enacted into law if the truth be told.   So now the chickens have come home to roost.  

Aside from the dismal failure of the ObamaCare website that does not work after spending more than $635 million to build it, so far 4.2 million Americans have lost their private medical insurance.   And, company after company, including mine are receiving their premium increases for next year.  In fact,  the cost of medical insurance is going up in 45 states because of all the ObamaCare "free mandates' required by law.  

So all these people losing their current medical insurance plans are faced with much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pay's than they had before.   Older people are being required to pay for maternity care and contraceptive coverage among many other things that they don't need, which is causing premiums to go up.  Younger people are paying higher premiums too than necessary to subsidize older people because there are now formulas in place that prohibit insurance companies from charging rates for older people that actually reflect usage.   Senior Citizens will face rationing of care as more and more doctors refuse to accept Medicare patients because of cuts in their payments as a result of the $700 Billion cut out of Medicare by ObamaCare.   It is a mess to say the least.   Many Socialists, particularly from Red States, facing reelection next year are jumping ship like RATS on a sinking ship because they know that Republicans will rightly hang ObamaCare around their necks in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

What is worse, we found out yesterday during testimony before Congress by Secretary of Health and Human Services , no nothing, Kathleen Sibelius that so called Navigators (Community Organizers), all around the country, hired by Obama to help people sign up for ObamaCare do not undergo background checks.  These are the people gathering Americans Social Security numbers and personal financial information to see if they qualify for subsidies.  Sibelius admitted that since there are no background checks that some of these Navigators could actually be convicted felons.  

We are already seeing scams on the Internet to use ObamaCare to secure information for identity theft.  What the hell was Obama and Sibelius thinking.   We require drug, criminal and credit checks at my company to get a job to help make sure we are not hiring people that might use information in our company illegally.   Yet, Obama and Sibelius do not have the common sense to do the same thing related to these Navigators making $15 an hour. 

Sibelius should be FIRED.   This woman is clearly incompetent.   ObamaCare may collapse of its own weight.   It is thought that as many as 14 million Americans will lose their current health insurance when all is said and done.   Many of these people are Middle Class Americans that will neither qualify for subsidies, nor be able to afford the higher premiums and deductibles they are facing.   When this S--T hits the fan, even Socialists will push for major modifications to the law, or outright repeal.  Too bad Obama insists on putting the nation through this train wreck.      

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