Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving - Celebration In China

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts celebrated the first Thanksgiving to give thanks to God, yes God, for a bountiful harvest and that they had survived another year.  This ritual began a tradition in the United States until President Abraham Lincoln made the last Thursday in November a National Holiday.  Thanksgiving has become a non denominational holiday, when family and friends of every religion and race often travel to get together for a wonderful meal, usually turkey with all the fixings, but not always.  One year, my 93 year old Italian Mother served a huge meal that included Lasagna.   This Blogger did not think much of it because my Dad did not like turkey.  When we thought we were finished eating, Mom remembered that she also had a turkey with stuffing in the oven.   We were not allowed to leave the table until we polished off the turkey too.   It was quite a Thanksgiving of eating all day.

What has often gotten lost in all of this is the part about giving Thanks To God for all the gifts he has given all Americans.  With God's grace, Immigrants from all over the world, including slaves forcibly brought to our country and native Americans have built more wealth for more people, including the poorest among us, than any other country in human history.   This occurred most when we had limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulation in accordance with the tenets of Free Market Capitalism.   This should make Thanksgiving even more meaningful. 

Instead, the people that really should be giving Thanks on Thanksgiving are the Chinese.  Now that many stores have turned Black Friday into Black Thursday, opening on Thanksgiving, to give shoppers one more day before Christmas to buy goods made in China, it is really the Chinese that benefit from our Thanksgiving weekend not the people of America.   By the way, the reason we refer to Black Friday as Black is that it is the first day of the year that retailers actually stop losing money.   They go into the Black rather than red ink.  In any case, we no longer manufacture most of the things we buy throughout the year because of unions that have pushed jobs overseas, government regulations, environmental wacko laws and high taxes and utility costs.  When we do celebrate Thanksgiving today, those of us that still have jobs in the US should give thanks that our jobs have not been off-shored, at least for now. 

100 years of Socialist creep has destroyed the American dream for many in the name of helping them.  ObamaCare is just the latest job killer that will make many jobs part time, or will cause American companies to push that work to other countries to avoid ObamaCare.  The end result, during the Obama Presidency, is the highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate both since Jimmy Carter was President.   We need to make things again in American, including those flat screen TV's and Apple Phones many people will buy over Thanksgiving Weekend.   That is not going to happen as long as we continue to implement Socialist Schemes that destroy jobs.  

Yes, the government continues to grow; but it is at the expense of the private sector, which is the reason we are not seeing economic growth and job creation.   As we thank God for what we have this Thanksgiving, please throw in a little prayer that the American people elect citizen politicians in 2014 and 2016 that believe in Free Market Capitalism and Economic Freedom.  If it happens, we will really have something to be Thankful for as we take back our country and restore the American Dream.      

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