Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama's Climate Change Task Force

Socialist President Obama has issued an Executive Order to create a Climate Change Task Force composed of environmental wacko Socialist Governors and Mayors to advise him on projects that need to be done in their regions to deal with climate change issues.   Obama is doing this because he cannot get Climate Change Legislation through Congress.   The Environmental Protection Agency, one of Obama's Gestapos, will use this Task Force to take more control over land use and the entire economy, just wait and see.  Remember, Obamanistas are Socialists and or Communists seeking to control all aspects of daily life. 

Thank God, we only have three more years of Obama and we are counting the days.  Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation, our people and our freedom.  This President acts as a Dictator who knows all.  ObamaCare is just an example.  Obama has issued more than 13,000 Executive Orders, many of which should be challenged as Unconstitutional.  

If Obama was a Republican, there would be calls for his impeachment related to all the lies and Scandals.   This Climate Change Task Force is an over reach by the federal government.   As usual, Obamanistas will destroy millions of jobs with their environmental wacko Socialist Schemes and antics.  Expect a Carbon Tax to come next by Executive Order. 

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