Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iran - Appeasement In Our Time

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to negotiate with Adolf Hitler to  prevent another World War.  To do so, Chamberlain gave Hitler all of Czechoslovakia.   Chamberlain then came home waving the Treaty as he got off the plane declaring that he had achieved "Peace In Our Time".   Obviously, we all know the end of that tragic story and that appeasement does not work.  It only emboldens tyrants to push for more.  Once again, we have seen Western Powers, this time led by Socialist President Obama, surrender to Iranian demands related to their production of nuclear weapons.  While this "deal" may have slowed down Iran by six months, it does nothing really to eliminate Iran's nuclear capability.  This is just North Korea all over again.

What is says to both Israel and Saudi Arabia, both that oppose this deal, is that they need to become sizable nuclear powers in response because they cannot count on the their Western allies, led by a weak Obama, to end Iran's nuclear program.   What other choice do Israel and Saudi Arabia have as they watch Iran develop nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them.   While theoretically Israel and Sunni Saudi Arabia could act in concert to implement a military strike on Shia Iran, without Western involvement and support, this action will have limited impact at best.  The only thing that both Israel and Saudi Arabia can do is to develop a sizable nuclear deterrent to counter Iran's long held Persian ambitions of gaining hegemony in the region.  Ironically, this is as much about Sunni Arabs, opposed to Shia Persians. as it is about Arabs versus Jews.  In a weird sense, that is a good thing because it may just cause the Saudi's to quietly work with Israel to counter this Iranian threat.  It might also allow the Israeli's to over fly Saudi Arabia to implement a military strike on Iran for better or worse.

What is lost in the translation related to this deal is that Iran is still the main power in the world supporting Terrorism and Terrorists.   So easing the sanctions on Iran, which gives them more money to spend on Terrorism is just plain crazy because it will result in the murder of Westerners and others around the world.  What this also tells Israel is that they must always maintain the military power to defend their country because the US may not always be a reliable ally.   This six month deal will accomplish nothing; just wait and see.  The Iranians are just stalling for time.  Obama is allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons.   It is only a matter of time as the Iranians play out the clock.   We have seen this story before in North Korea.  It is the same play book.   


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