Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Secretary Arne Duncan & White Suburban Moms

Obama's Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stuck both feet in his mouth when he criticized White Suburban Moms (translation Republican Voter) for objecting to the federal government Common Core for standardized educational requirements across the country.   Duncan concluded that these White Moms are concerned that their kids may not be as bright as they think they are, or that their local schools, in better neighborhoods, may not be very good after all. 

What Secretary Duncan does not understand is that these are not the issues at all; but rather what concerned parents and grandparents are objecting to is more federal control over local education that should be left to local school boards and teachers.   The reality is that the Federal Department of Education, which was a pay off to teacher unions by President Jimmy Carter, should be eliminated altogether.  It is a useless bureaucracy that eats up billions of dollars every year of tax dollars. 

Common Core is not about whether local kids are smart, or schools are good or bad; but rather federal bureaucrats sticking their big noses into local education decisions that are none of their business.   Perhaps, Secretary Duncan should meet with White Suburban Moms to get the real story; that is if he dares show his face after making his insulting remarks. 

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