Sunday, December 1, 2013

Republican Conservatives - Yes We Can

The lame stream, left wing media based in New York and California pretends that the United States is a Socialist nation.  It is true that both New York and California, along with some other Blue states are Socialist states; but on a national level nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth is that we are a center right country as evidenced by what is happening in the states.  Out of 50 states, Republicans control 30 Governorships and 26 State Legislatures.  The US House of Representatives, the People's House, is currently controlled by Republicans, 234 to 201 Socialists.  Even the US Senate, poised to go Republican in 2014, has 45 Republican Senators out of 100. 

While it is true that Socialist Obama was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012, McCain and Romney, both lackluster Republican candidates, got 48% of the vote.  That 5% spread is easy to close provided we nominate the right Republican Conservative candidate with new ideas and solutions that address economic growth and job creation again in America.  This is as much about the messenger as the message.   I hear some of my fellow Conservatives say that the demographics are working against us and the we have reached the tipping point with so many people on the dole. 

To that I say nonsense.   We have to pick up the 5% of old style Conservative Democrats and Independents that we need to win the Presidency and full control of Congress.  Years ago, this Blogger was a liberal teaching in the inner city in Los Angles.  I actually voted for Jimmy Carter when he first ran, until Ronald Reagan came along.   My conversion to Conservatism happened during the six years I taught school, while I was a young teacher and union member before I left to go into business in 1979.   I saw close up that Socialist Schemes actually made poverty worse.  I voted for Ronald Reagan in November, 1979 and never looked back. 

Republican control in the majority of states is an indication that Republican ideas of limited government, lower taxes and less regulation, that have caused economic growth and job creation in those states, works for everyone, even the poor.   We do need solid positions on repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, Workfare instead of Welfare, Civil Unions for Gays, School Choice for kids in failing inner public city schools, Immigration Reform and reasonable limits on Abortion, as were just enacted in Texas, that recognize that Abortion is legal in order to attract the 5% of voters we need to take back our country.   We can do this.  All we need are smart, articulate, Conservative candidates that can articulate our message of real hope and change instead of phony Socialist Schemes that just grow government, higher poverty and add to our National Debt. 

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