Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Congress Cut Veterans Pensions - Shameful

As part of the Budget Deal enacted by Congress that increased spending by $65 Billion, in the next two years, doubled airline ticket taxes and supposedly saved $23 Billion (peanuts) over ten years if it ever happens, Veterans pension benefits were cut by $6 Billion.  Some Republicans in the Senate attempted to amend the deal to protect Vets by finding other savings; but got no where as the Socialists in the Senate would not allow any Amendments.   Shame on both Socialists and Republicans in Congress that voted for this Budget Deal and particularly because of the cuts in Vets Pensions.  To make matters even worse, Socialist President Obama previously raised fees for medical benefits going to those in the military. 

This cut in pensions will result on average in $70,000 - $120,000 less pension monies for Vets retiring with 20 years of military service over a 20 year pay-out period.  Considering the waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy that exists in federal government spending, there were so many other spending cuts possible that to enact this Budget on the backs of Veterans is just deplorable.  Any American with fifth grade math skills could have cut billions of dollars out of current spending.  Let's start with eliminating 500,000 federal civilian employees, out of the current 2.65 million by normal attrition.   We can lay off the 20,000 ObamaCare Navigators, Obama's Community Organizer PEEP's and let insurance brokers, paid commissions by insurance companies, assist those that want to sign up for ObamaCare.  Next, let's pay federal employees the same compensation, benefits and pensions in accordance with what Mid-Sized companies pay for like work, instead of the 40% more that government workers typically earn. 

Then we need to eliminate all the redundant programs that over lay each other.  There must be a thousand or more, most of which are a complete waste of money.  Let's deal with fraudulent Disability recipients, several million out of the 10 million getting tax free Disability Benefit, while they often paint houses on the side, or do other work under the table.  We all know it is happening.  We could eliminate the Obama Cell Phones given to people on the dole that cost the American taxpayer $2 Billion a year.  And, then there are the billions of dollars the IRS erroneously paid out to the working poor and illegal aliens in the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Finally, we can get rid of the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy and to the degree that any of their work is valuable meld these Departments into Health and Human Services, State and the Interior Departments.   Anyone with common sense would do some or all of these things before cutting Veterans pensions; but apparently common sense is a rare commodity in Washington DC.   

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