Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NSA Spying On Americans Ruled Unconstitional

The National Security Agency's (NSA) spying on all Americans has been ruled unconstitutional by Federal District Judge Richard Leon, a Bush Appointee.  Clearly, the Judge asserted that collecting phone data on calls made by all Americans is a violation of the 4th Amendment protecting us from illegal searches and seizures.  The Judge pushed aside the notion that a secret court can essentially apply a blanket warrant without cause.  Hurrah for civil liberties.  This is case where both the left and the right agree, which is rare.  Finding a needle in a haystack, in this case Terrorists, should not involve violation of the rights of all Americans.   Instead, what should be happening is that the government should focus on Islamic Radicals and perhaps both left and right wing extreme groups that advocate violence and or the over throw of the US government.  Well dah! 

If you want to find Terrorists, go where they are rather than spying on all Americans minding their own business.  This does mean profiling; but so what when we are protecting the national security interests of our nation.   Yes, Mr. President, there are Islamic Fascists and Radicals committed to destroying our nation and imposing a Caliphate Dictatorship in the Middle East based on Sharia Law.  This is not this Blogger talking; but rather the Terrorists that are very open about their goals.  There may also be native born radical groups and anarchists in the United States committed to the over throw of the US government.  Of course, we have to be careful with this one because Obamanistas see an enemy around every corner. 

Not to be confused, Conservatives that oppose Obama's Socialist Schemes and goal to transform our nation into a Socialist country, know that we must suffer through three more years of Obama's Presidency before we can see real Hope and Change.   We will fight like hell to stop Obama from making a mess of our country; but that does not involve violence.  It does involve Free Speech, Free Press and the Freedom to Assemble, rights guaranteed us in the Constitution.  Naturally, given Obama's IRS targeting of Conservative groups and all the NSA spying, we have good reason to be concerned that should result in protests and loud disapproval; but those are not Terrorist actions.

No doubt, Obama's Justice Department will appeal this NSA court case, which may ultimately go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Let us hope that Freedom is upheld; but given the Robert's Court and the ObamaCare decision, we can't count on it.  The three branches of government have colluded to expand 100 years of Socialist Creep.  In doing so, our Constitutional rights, designed by our Founding Fathers, continue to be eroded.  NSA spying on all Americans is just the latest egregious example.   

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