Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time For A Balanced Budget Amendment

Socialists and Republicans in Congress have proven over and over again that they are incapable of ending deficit spending and paying off our National Debt.  The recent Budget Deal negotiated by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Socialist Senator Patty Murray raised discretionary spending by $65 Billion by setting aside Sequester cuts, raised taxes/airline fees impacting the cost of doing business for many companies and supposedly reduced the National Debt by $23 Billion, if it ever happens, over 10 years.  Folks, cutting spending by $23 Billion over ten years, out of the likely $50 Trillion that will be taxed, borrowed and spent over ten years is the equivalent of not buying a Big Mac each year during this time period.  Big F-----G Deal!!   We are still headed toward a $25 Trillion National Debt in the next ten years assuming the markets will allow it, which is unlikely.  Aside from Socialist President Obama's Lie of the Year related to ObamaCare, when he said you can keep your Medical Insurance Plan and Doctors, this Budget Deal positioned as good for our country would take second place for the big Lie of the Year Award. 

The reality is that we need a Balanced Budget Amendment added to the US Constitution to end the fiscal insanity that we see happening in Washington DC that will lead to the bankruptcy of the United States, economic collapse and resultant civil strife on our streets.   It becomes clearer by the day that WE THE PEOPLE cannot trust our elected representatives to put our fiscal house in order.   We have to do it ourselves.  Ideally, the states should convene a Constitutional Convention to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment; but that is not likely to happen because the states, that cannot print money, benefit from federal government largess.  While most states have Constitutional requirements mandating a balanced budget, the states have used borrowing to fund operating expenses to get to balance.   The blue states in particular, that often have the highest taxes, also have the most debt so much so that their bonds are rated as junk bonds.  Think of Detroit City on steroids related to states like California and Illinois.   In addition, state politicians are highly dependent on borrowed federal money to fund their state budgets so they will not do anything to stop the monies from flowing, even if it means bankrupting our country. 

As such, getting three quarters of the states, as required by the US Constitution to call a Constitutional Convention, is not going to happen until we go over the cliff.   WE THE PEOPLE can't wait for that to happen.  Instead, we will have to take to the streets every year in Washington DC to push for a Balanced Budget Amendment.   This issue is just as important as the Civil Rights Movement was to minorities.  WE THE PEOPLE must demand that our elected representatives, of both political parties, enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.   We must ask all candidates of both political parties to take the pledge that they will support a Balanced Budget Amendment.   Any candidate that refuses to do so should be primaried.  We must make life miserable for them until they enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.   We have to take our country back from those feeding at the trough.  While we are at it, we should also demand Term Limits; but that is another Blog Posting. 

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