Monday, December 9, 2013

MSNBC - ObamaCare Is Racist

According to Black Propagandist, Melissa Harris Perry, on MSNBC (the Mindless Socialist Network Broadcasting Corporation), the term ObamaCare is racist created by a bunch of rich White Men.  Really?  This woman is an idiot, not because she is Black; but because she does not know American history.  Since our founding, the names of people in government have been attached to their initiatives or actions, in both positive and negatives ways.  

Let's start with the Monroe, Truman and Bush Doctrines.  And, then there was Jeffersonian, Jacksonian and Wilsonian Democracy.  We had the Roosevelt Corollary, Hoovervilles, the Marshall Plan and Reaganomics.  Finally, last but probably not least, there has been HillaryCare, RomneyCare and today ObamaCare.  Perhaps, Ms. Perry should Google all of these references to learn a bit more about American history before she opens her big, uneducated mouth. 

While it is true that ObamaCare is not a term of endearment for the President's signature monstrosity, it is so named because the majority of the American people oppose this legislation.   Once and for all, the lame stream left wing media needs to get it through their thick skulls that our opposition to President Obama has nothing to do with the color of his skin; but rather we oppose his goal to transform America into a big government, intrusive, Socialist nation.  It would not matter if Obama was White, Yellow, Brown or Purple, it is his ideology and Socialist Schemes that are opposed by the majority of Americans.

Even so, it is true that Obama is our first Affirmative Action President, elected only because of the color of his skin and certainly not because of his experience, or the content of his character.   Obviously, Obama would not have been elected twice without White votes, which makes the racist charge pretty dumb.  However, we see daily that Obama is an incompetent LIAR; but as a Socialist that is not unusual.  Socialists throughout history have lied, cheated, borrowed, stolen and extorted to stay in power, feeding at the trough, as they made a mess of government.  Obama and his minions have been true to this adage, since before he was elected in 2008.

What is particularly funny about Perry's comment is that it was none other than Socialist President Obama too who proudly and defiantly started referring to the Affordable Care Act, which is unaffordable, as ObamaCare during the 2012 election.   Since ObamaCare has already proven to be a miserable failure, with upcoming elections in 2014 and 2016, Obama and his Socialist Pals in Congress and the left wing Media do not want his name associated with this train wreck coming at the American people.  

Unfortunately, you reap what you sow.  This monstrosity will always be referred to, for better or worse, as ObamaCare; kind of like Obama Dollars and Obama Cell Phones given to those on the dole.  Ms. Perry, it is what it is and it has nothing to do with racism.  Get over it.  ObamaCare is a monstrosity and the American people know it.

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