Saturday, December 28, 2013

Socialist Voters Refuse To Deal With The Numbers

In a recent exchange this Blogger had with some Socialist Voters on a business chat site, it became very obvious to me that Socialist Voters, even educated ones, manipulated by Socialist Politicians, just refuse to accept the numbers we face in our country.  Because these are touchy feely people, it is impossible for them to comprehend the gravity of the financial calamity that is coming if we don't get our $17 Trillion National Debt and Entitlements under control. 

Cards talk and numbers don't lie; but apparently numbers just don't matter to Socialist voters many of whom are either on the dole, or feeding at the trough, one way or another.  Socialist President Obama has added $7 Trillion to our $17 Trillion National Debt in just five years, more than any other President in American history, with no end in sight; hence the alarm bells that should be going off for all Americans.   Our National Debt is now higher than our annual GDP, which is just over $15 Trillion.  As a result, the US Credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. 

There is another $100 Trillion in unfunded liability sitting out there waiting to explode on the American people for promises made to people related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and local, state and federal pensions, which are unsustainable.  If all the net worth in the United States, estimated to be about $92 Trillion was confiscated, which the Socialists would love to do, not just a percentage, it would be impossible to pay off the National Debt and cover all these promises. 

Socialists in government are smart enough to know all of this; but they can't admit it to their PEEP's because it would cost them elections.  WE CAN'T TAX OUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS, SOCIALIST VOTERS.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.   The only way we can prevent the bankruptcy of the United States is to grow our economy at faster than 4% a year and cut discretionary spending and Entitlements.  There is no other way.   Growing the economy would require tax reform and less regulations something the Socialists will never agree to implement because they live off the the "tax the rich and the rich do not pay their fair share" propaganda as their ticket to power.   So as long as Socialists are in power, we can forget about 4% or more annual growth. 

Since Congress only controls about a Trillion dollars of our $3.8 Trillion annual federal budget, specific to discretionary spending, the rest is on automatic pilot,  now including ObamaCare Entitlements.  Unless we are going to double or triple Social Security and Medicare contributions payable by people under 50, which is untenable,  it is impossible to pay out the benefits that have been promised.  Social Security and Medicare are already means tested so the rich pay both higher taxes on their Social Security benefits and higher premiums for Medicare, a fact that is rarely mentioned.   The Middle Class will need to do the same to prevent insolvency of both of these Entitlements and soon. 

Hello Socialist voters, these are facts not Socialist propaganda.  About 100 cities, like Detroit City and many Blue states face bankruptcy because of an unwillingness to recognize and deal with these numbers.   This story is coming to America because Socialist Voters, living in a dream world, many of whom are Low Learners, manipulated by their Socialist elected politicians, feeding at the trough, simply refuse to accept reality.   It is what it is. 

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