Monday, December 23, 2013

ObamaCare - Do Or Die Deadline Date

December 23, 2013 is the deadline date to sign up for ObamaCare to have insurance by January 1, 2014; maybe.  Obamanistas, including Socialist President Obama, have made such a mess of this program that no one knows for sure what the rules are related to sign up and penalties.  As of this point, about 6 million Americans and counting have lost their health care insurance, effective January 1, as policies were cancelled that do not meet ObamaCare standards; maybe.  Obama asked insurance companies to extend these policies for another year, which is not happening either because states will not allow it, or because insurance companies like Aetna, the nation's largest, insuring more than 55 million Americans, have said NO to Obama's request.   And, we wonder why Obama has been such a failure on the foreign stage. 

Supposedly, according to Obama, about a million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare.   Really?? Most of those people, however, have signed up for free Medicaid and or the others are people that qualify for subsidies mostly with Pre-Existing conditions.   However, signing up or "enrolling" does not mean that someone has insurance unless and until they pay their share of the premium, presumably before the end of 2013.  As such, Obama has asked insurance companies to ignore whether they pay or not and to insure these people retroactively to January 1, 2014. 

Mr. President, that is not how real life works.   The President would know that if he ever lived and worked in the real world.  Normally, in the real world it is pay to play.  But in Obama's world, the insurance companies have been told to make this happen.   The President has told them not to worry and that the government would borrow the money, from the Chinese and others and or use our tax dollars to pay for these premiums in the interim and they would all sing kumbaya and settle up later.  It is hard to see how Obama will reach his target to sign up 7 million healthy young people and others willing to pay high premiums to subsidize those getting medical insurance for little or nothing.  If that does not happen, ObamaCare at least financially falls apart. 

Of course, there have already been many Obama Executive Orders modifying ObamaCare that are probably unconstitutional, since ObamaCare, as written for better or worse and mostly worse, is the law of the land.   It should require an act of Congress to change ObamaCare; but not in Obama's dictatorial world.  So, employers do not face the Mandate to provide insurance until 2015 instead of 2014 as written.  Apparently, the penalty has also been waived for the 6 million Americans that lost their insurance until 2015 to buy insurance that they can no longer afford.   The insurance companies are furious about that one.  Not sure yet, if Obama's waived the rule requiring that Cadillac Plans be taxed to take care of his Union supporters; but if that one has not occurred yet, it will happen before the election in 2014.  Further, Obama is prohibiting insurance companies from telling customers what their rates will be for 2015 until after the election in November.   What a surprise. 

Obama, the Liar In Chief, is in way over his head.  This incompetent President and his Socialist Pals in Congress are destroying the best health care system in the world.  Rather than just deal with the people who did not have medical insurance, presumably the 30 million Socialists are always talking about and those in the private market with Pre-Existing Conditions that could not buy insurance, Obama, Reid and Pelosi decided to "fix" health care for all of us; the other 150 million families that already had insurance that for the most part worked.  Our problem related to cost not coverage.  Cost was not addressed at all in ObamaCare, since premiums will be higher because of all the "free mandates" in ObamaCare. 

Cost could have been addressed by dealing with tort reform related to malpractice cases, allowing people and companies to buy insurance across state lines, making medical insurance deductible for all Americans and creating high risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions; but none of these things were done in ObamaCare.  Instead, the federal government, the same people who run bankrupt Social Security, Medicare, Amtrac and the Post Office will now be making life and death decisions about our health care as THEY take over one sixth of the US economy.   Gosh, that make a lot of sense; doesn't it.  

Retribution Day is coming in November, 2014.  Socialists who voted for the ObamaCare monstrosity should all be thrown out of office.  In the old days, they would have also be tarred and feathered, which is still not a bad idea; but I guess we will have to settle for sending them back into Academia, or having them get richer as lobbyists in Washington.  That is all OK as long we throw them out of office for their high crimes and misdemeanors for enacting the ObamaCare monstrosity.   Never forget and never forgive, an old Italian motto.  It is time to get even so that these Socialists are forced to work for a living for a change, rather than continuing to feed at the trough at our expense.   

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