Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jesus - The Reason For The Season

As we celebrate Christmas each year, usually during a shopping frenzy in the US, we should never forget that Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.   So to all, this Blogger says Merry Christmas, whether is it politically correct or not.  It was President Grant and Congress that made Christmas, yes Christmas a religious holiday into a National Holiday in the US in 1870, which is the reason most businesses are closed and Americans have the day off.   Thank you President Grant.   And, what we often seem to forget and or the lame stream left wing media seems to deny is that our Founding Fathers were all God loving Christians.  It is no coincidence that we see things like "In God We Trust" on our money. 

And, or there is a non-denominational, usually Christian Chaplain, assigned to the Congress.  There are many symbols of God and Christmas tied to our federal government.   The Ten Commandants hangs in the Supreme Court as the basis for Judeo Christian law.   The President lights the National Christmas Tree.   It is not a Hanukkah Bush.  Politicians regularly end speeches, even Godless Obama, with God Bless The United States.  Politicians, including President's, say So Help Me God as they take the oath of office with their hand on the Bible.   This saying is also the basis for swearing to tell the truth.  All of these things come from our Judeo Christian history.  

The first Amendment to our Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, added by James Madison, protects Freedom of Religion, Speech and Press from encroachment by government.   This just means that government cannot prevent the practice of any religion, including Christianity, in both the private and public square.  Yet, somewhere along the line during the last 100 years of Socialist Creep secular judges declared that there was a Separation of Church and State.   No such language exists in the Constitution; nor was it the obvious intent of our Founding Fathers.   Spurred on by Atheists and in some cases non-practicing Secular Jews, these court rulings have led to the elimination of prayer and a mention of God in the public schools and Nativity scenes and crosses have been removed from the public space.  To be clear, Christians do not oppose the visible practice of any religion, or no religion; yet we are often forced to hide our faith.   In fact, since I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, this Blogger often scolds my Jewish friends for failure to practice their religion, which is absolutely part of the Judeo Christian tradition and our country history. 

Practicing our religions openly and publicly was always intended by our Founding Fathers.  Freedom of Religion, all religions, is critical to a free society.   We see the end result of taking God out of our public schools and the public square, don't we.  Shootings on campus.  Lack of a moral compass for many kids.  The knock out game.  Rampant promiscuity.  7 out of 10 Black babies and 4 out of 10 White babies born out of wedlock often into poverty and our welfare system.  Abortion on demand.  How is this working for us.  Jesus is clearly the reason for the season.  Too bad many Americans think Christmas is just about a meaningless shopping spree.     

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