Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty & Freedom Of Religion and Speech

Quirky Phil Robertson, the patriarch on the hit show Duck Dynasty on A & E has been suspended for expressing his Christian Biblical religious beliefs in a GQ article interview.   In particular, Robertson said that homosexuality is a sin in accordance with Bible teachings.  When asked the question about sin,  Robertson listed homosexuality in a long list of other sins identified in the Bible.  The reality is that about 50% of Americans see homosexuality as an "abomination" to use the term in the Bible.  The other 50% of us, including this Blogger, have more of a live and let live attitude; but that does not mean that many of us equate homosexual sex with heterosexual sex, which is the basis for procreation.  Neither do most Americans believe the rampant promiscuity, outside marriage, by either homosexual or heterosexual Americans is a good thing.  We also believe that marriage, a 5,000 year old tradition, should be between a man and woman; though this Blogger can live with Civil Unions, providing the same rights as marriage for Gays and Lesbians.  In this case, the words matter. 

Nevertheless, the left wing and the lame stream media that supposedly support diversity and tolerance, only do so when people tow their party line.  So, if an American holds devout Christian, Orthodox Jewish or Muslim beliefs all of which condemn things like homosexuality, adultery and abortion and are open about it, they are guilty of hate speech and therefore must be silenced and removed from the national stage.  Of course, this is B--L S--T and it is getting old.  What Gays need to understand is that the same freedom of speech that allows them to shout the slogan, "I am here, I am queer and I am proud of it", without being killed, which would happen in some Muslim countries, is same freedom that allows Christians and others to express their beliefs.  You can't have it both ways.  And, in addition to this issue, any criticism of Socialist President Obama is characterized as "racism" or "racist".   The dim wit on MSNBC, Melissa Harris Perry even said that using the word ObamaCare, which Michelle Obama just did on TV, is racist.   Ridiculous!

Frankly, the left wing, politically correct crowd in the US needs to stop all this nonsense and recognize that the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees all Americans, even them with their dopey ideas, the right of both free speech and religion in both the public and private square.  Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a born again Christian who believes that the Bible is the word of God.  The things Robertson said during the GQ interview just reflect his religious beliefs.  Provided someone does not incite violence, Robertson is entitled to his religious beliefs no different than other people are entitled to believe otherwise.   This is all part of the hate inspired war on Christianity that has been going on for years in the US by Atheists, Socialists and Communists.  Gays and Lesbians should be smarter than to let themselves be used in this battle. 

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