Monday, December 23, 2013

War On Christians In The Middle East

As we celebrate Christmas in the United States and have to deal with many in our country that hate Christians, we should also be aware that there is a war on Christians going on in the Middle East.  Various Muslim countries do not allow freedom of religion and in particular the practice of Christianity and Judaism.  In some cases, it is illegal and even punishable by death to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in an attempt to convert non-believers.  The same freedom of religion that we allow Muslims in the United States and other Western countries is not afforded Christian in many Muslim countries.  What are they afraid of.   If their faith and  values are sound, why would any Muslim have to worry about Christian conversions. 

When Socialist President Obama extended a hand to Muslims during his early on apology tour right after being elected in 2008, he should have also called for Freedom of Religion throughout the Middle East, the cradle of three great religions of the world.   Instead, what we have today are Christians being put in jail and or murdered in Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Iran.  Saudi Arabia does not allow Christians to practice their religion openly.  Muslims are killing Christians in Northern Africa in the Sudan and other countries.

All Western leaders and Pope Francis and other Christian religious leaders must stand up and demand that discrimination against Christians and people of all faiths STOP.   Supposedly, there are sanctions against Iran to stop their nuclear program, which is not working.  How about sanctions against any country that does not allow religious freedom.   I know, I know, this is a Western Value; but so what.   It is really a human value in modern times.  All people should be free to worship God, as they so choose, or not worship God at all.

It would nice at Christmas time in particular for President Obama, who claims to be a Christian, to speak out in defense of all peoples of faith.   Obama could do it at a Press Conference, from a beach in Hawaii where he is vacationing at taxpayer expense, as part of his holiday best wishes.   Just maybe, the governments in the Middle East would get the message that if they want to be part of the civilized world, they must stop murdering Christians and others that do not share their faith.   And or, let's give these Middle East Christians an automatic visa to enter the United States, to end this persecution once and for all.      

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