Thursday, December 26, 2013

Citizens Form Posse In Oregon To Enforce Laws

As an indication of what could be coming to a county near you, the citizens of Josephine, County Oregon have formed a Posse of sorts of 100 residents to enforce the law as a result of cuts to their Sheriff's Department.  70% of the land in Josephine, County that was their timber resource and income belongs to the federal government.  Since the EPA Gestapo has destroyed the timber industry in Oregon, the FED's were providing a timber subsidy to make up the $7.5 million that the county used to get in timber related tax revenues.  The FED's stopped providing the subsidy, which created a huge shortfall for this rural county resulting in major cuts to their Sheriff's Department.  So much so that the Sheriff Department declared that it could only respond to "life threatening situations".

Of course, the Socialists in Josephine, County attempted to raise taxes in 2012, to make up for the short fall, which was voted down by the citizens.   Instead, the citizens have formed a Posse, a Neighborhood Watch program on steroids.  About 100 of them have banded together to protect their community.  12 of the 100 are being deployed as a Rapid Response team and deterrent, carrying guns, that will respond to stop a crime if called by a county resident.  In many ways, this story represents a break down in society.  Yet, it is citizens reaching back to our Western history to protect themselves, against the wishes of their elected officials.

But the real story is simple.  The basic responsibility of government, whether local, state or federal is to keep the peace and insure national security.  Instead, our borrowed money and tax dollars are going to other government employees working in wasteful programs and people on the dole, many of whom can and should be working.   So much so that we have a $17 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight and $100 Trillion of unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and local, state and federal public employee pensions that will bankrupt our country.   In the case of Josephine, County Oregon, they do not have enough money to provide basic services because of the money going out in Entitlements.  It really is that simple.  Obviously, basic services like police, fire and on national level, Defense should be funded before all other things.

That is just not happening in the United States any more as Socialists in particular, win elections by getting more people on the dole dependent on them for sustenance.  Until we get our priorities straight, we will see more Josephine, County scenarios and particularly when we have civil strife on our streets that will occur with the economic collapse of the United States that is coming because of Washington's inability to deal with Entitlements and to cut spending.  Sadly, it is what it is.         

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