Monday, February 14, 2022

Crooked Hillary Must Go The Jail

As a result of the Durham investigation we now know that it was the Clinton Campaign in 2016 aided by Big Tech that was behind the Russia Hoax and the bugging of Trump Tower.  It is impossible to believe that Crooked Hillary Clinton was unaware of what was happening in her campaign.  Hillary Clinton destroyed 32,000 emails on that illegal server to prevent that information from ever going public.  She is guilty of obstruction of justice.  Bill and Hillary used their Foundation to become multi-millionaires in one of the biggest global scams ever implemented.  And yet, Crooked Hillary still walks the streets and has never been charged with a crime. 

This woman put our country through four years of the Muller investigation as Socialist Fascists      ( AKA Democrats ) attempted to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters.  They implemented two impeachment trials and now a third with the bogus January 6th Commission.  When is the day of reckoning coming for Crooked Hillary and Fake News that has been complicit in these crimes.  That day is probably never going to come because the corruption in the DC Swamp is so deep and so many are involved protecting each other that we will never see justice done. 

Both the Clinton and Biden Crime families have taken hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes one way or another and they should all be in jail.  But there are no hearings and no special prosecutors investigating their crimes.  We can only hope that when the Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2022 and a Republican is elected President in 2024 that just maybe they will pursue justice; but again it seems highly doubtful because political crooks protect their own.  

Not only are we dealing with election integrity issues, this corruption at all levels of government is destroying our democracy.  The American people see it clear as day; but are powerless to do anything about it because the people we elect are implicated in various crimes too.  They steal campaign funds one way or another.  They take bribes from paid lobbyists to get elected.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  Our democracy is broken.  What is happening in the United States is not much different than what happens in Russia or China.  Elites feeding at the trough control our country the same as happens in Russia and China.  

Just 100 global companies headquartered in the US control about 50% of our gross domestic product.  Government controls the next 40% of our gross domestic product.  Together they control everything that happens in our country.  To think otherwise, is delusional.  They are bankrupting our country to their mutual advantage.  In the end, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  It is only a matter of time.  

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