Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Ukraine - Lessons Learned

In 1994, Ukraine was the third largest nuclear power in the world.  They had 4,000 nuclear weapons based in Ukraine from when they were part of the old Soviet Union.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, we were intent on decommissioning those nuclear weapons.  So, when Bill Clinton was President, we got Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for a Guarantee from the US, the EU and Russia that their sovereignty would be assured if they surrendered their nuclear weapons.  Well guess what.  Here we are today with Russia about to take over Ukraine.  This would not be happening if Ukraine was still a nuclear power. 

So, if you are Saudi Arabia facing threats from Iran, Iran who sees the United States as the great Satan, North Korea who fears both the United States and China, Israel who fears a nuclear Iran, Taiwan, Japan and Australia threatened by China, or Pakistan who fears India, the lesson you are getting from Ukraine is that the only way to guarantee your sovereignty is to be a nuclear power.  What is happening in Ukraine will cause many nations to develop nuclear weapons because they are seeing that guarantees from the US, EU or Russia are not worth much.  

Further, even though the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher the former Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain warned against European dependence on oil and gas from Russia and was ignored, today 35% of Europe's energy and 60% of Germany's energy comes from Russia.  All Russia needs to do is redirect their oil and gas to China, which seems likely given sanctions that will be imposed as a result of Russia invading Ukraine and Europe will come to a stand still.  

The only way to overt economic disaster is for feckless Joe Biden to eliminate restrictions on American carbon energy companies to ramp up oil and natural gas production in the US to supply not only the US market; but Europe.  Biden will not do it because he is held hostage by the environmental wackos in his Socialist Fascist Party ( AKA Democrats ) that would rather our economy collapse than the US and our allies be dependent on carbon energy.  So, we will soon see gas in the US at $6 or more a gallon.  Inflation that is already going through the roof will even get worse.  The poor and the middle class in America will be devastated by Joe Biden's idiotic decisions.  Biden is a moron, which is more evident every day he remains in office.  

There are lots of lessons that will be learned the hard way from the invasion by Russia of Ukraine.  We will see those lessons all unfold in the next year or two.  We could have war in Europe for the third time in 120 years.  We need Donald Trump back in the White House.  None of this would be happening if they had not stolen the election from Trump.  Let's Go Brandon!   

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