Friday, February 25, 2022

The State Of The Union - Bad To Worse

Normally, when the President of the United States gives the annual State of the Union Address, he likes to start the speech by saying, I am here to tell you that the State of the Union is strong.  Really!  Not in 2022 after just one year since feckless Joe Biden took office.  We have the worst inflation since Jimmy Carter was President more than 40 years ago.  And, while we care about the border of Ukraine, our Southern Border is completely out of control.  2 million illegal aliens that we know about entered our country in the last 12 months and God only knows the amount of killer drugs that have crossed the border.  

There is a real war happening in Europe for the first time since the end of World War II that is the result of Biden's weakness.  Crime in our country is rampant with murder rates up in just about all major cities.  BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses causing billions of dollars in damages and thousands injured or killed.  Many of our public schools are pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination on our children, which has caused turmoil in many school districts.  We know now that Crooked Hillary and the Deep State conspired against President Trump with their Russia Hoax story for five years that resulted in bogus impeachment trials.  

We don't have election integrity in many Blue states as fraud is rampant.  The dead voted in Nevada in 2020 and many other states resulting in the fraudulent election of Joe Biden.  We are watching the third impeachment trial tied to the January 6th House Committee Circus.  Trump voters are being cancelled all over the country by their employers in some cases, Big Companies, Big Tech and Big Government.  Our freedoms are all under attack by Socialist Fascists and their supporters.  

We know now that much of the Covid information that the government used to destroy our economy and thousands of small businesses was bogus.  All the hype about the vaccine was just that.  The vaccine did not end Covid.  At best after spending billions of dollars, which benefited Big Pharma all we have is a another therapeutic drug for Covid not a cure.  

The State of the Union after a year of Joe Biden is not good.  Americans are far worse off today than they were when President Trump was in office.  It is what is.  Biden may try to put lipstick on a pig; but it will still be a pig.  Fake News will paint everything as wonderful; but the American people know better because they have been to the market and a gas station.  

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