Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The US Must Return To Energy Independence NOW

When President Trump was in office the United States was energy independent for the first time in decades.  This happened because Trump eased regulations on carbon energy companies, approved the Keystone Pipeline and approved drilling in Anwar and on other government owned land.  We actually were exporting energy when Trump was President because we had so much.  Gas averaged $1.87 a gallon; though it was around $3.50 in California.  This was all before feckless Joe Biden took office just a year ago who has screwed up everything he has touched.  Biden reversed all of Trump's actions. So now we are importing about 8.5 million barrels of oil a day about half of which is coming from Canada, with the rest coming from OPEC countries including Russia.  Today, gas averages around $4 a gallon and it is more than $5.00 a gallon in California.  Since the cost of energy is baked into everything we eat, buy, do etc. inflation is going through the roof.  

And, now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will impact oil and gas supplies coming from Russia, we are going to see gas at $6 or more a gallon and the cost of everything will go even higher.  Biden tells the American people that we will just have to suck it up because his Green New Deal BS is preventing more oil and gas production in the United States.  Tell Biden, Let's Go Brandon.  Biden is a moron and a clear and present danger to our country and the world with his America Last policies.

This is an election year.  It is time to call your members of Congress particularly if they are Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) and tell them that heads are going to roll this year at election time.  The thing they fear most is losing their jobs because they are all feeding at the trough.  Biden's ratings are in the toilet so most likely they will throw him under the bus if it means keeping their jobs.  Biden needs to get rid of regulations that are preventing oil and gas drilling in the US.  He must approve the Keystone Pipeline and drilling at Anwar in Alaska and on other government lands.  It is time to forget about the Green New Deal and support all energy sources in the US, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar and wind.  The very notion that we once again are importing oil from countries that hate us, including Russia is ridiculous and completely unnecessary.  

We must hold Joe Biden and his pals responsible for this mess.  Republicans must take over the Congress in 22 and the Presidency in 24.  We need President Trump back in office to put America First.  Socialist Fascist clowns are destroying our nation.  Sadly, the people of Ukraine will soon lose their country and their freedoms because Joe Biden is weak and ineffective.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine would never have happened if Trump was still President.  

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