Sunday, February 27, 2022

The War In Ukraine Could Spiral Out Of Control

In response to the Russian attack on Ukraine, as the United States and it allies around the world tighten the noose on Russia and its leaders with sanctions and other actions that will destroy the economy in Russia, Vladimir Putin is likely to respond with cyber terrorism and more brutality in Ukraine.  Many countries are now shipping more weapons to Ukraine; but they must be going over land from Poland and other surrounding NATO nations because air deliveries are becoming increasingly impossible.  At some point, Russia will move to stop these weapons from getting into Ukraine by destroying convoys before they get to Ukraine.  That would involve air strikes on NATO nations.  

Once that happens all bets are off.   This would force NATO to implement a No Fly Zone over NATO countries, Ukraine, Belarus and parts of Russia.  This would put NATO aircraft in direct combat with Russian aircraft.  In the meantime, Belarus is about to declare war on Ukraine and send troops to join the Russians to fight in Ukraine.  And no doubt, with its back against the wall, Russia will use cyber terrorism against NATO countries.  The US will immediately respond to shut down the Russian Military and other basic functions in Russia.  

Putin in threatening to use nuclear weapons if things spin out of control and he appears crazy enough to do it if he begins to lose in Ukraine.  Russians and citizens of Belarus are protesting against the war in their streets; but they are being arrested as "insurrectionists".    Sound familiar?  Two Russian Billionaires have called for an end to the war.  We will see if they are arrested and perhaps disappear.  

We are seeing a sequence of events much like what occurred in World War I and II that eventually led to catastrophe.  Each day is getting us closer to World War III and it would be nuclear.  Russia must be given a face saving way out of this mess.  Perhaps they would settle for an agreement that Ukraine could be allowed to join the European Union, but not NATO.  If something does not happen pretty quick, the war in Ukraine will spin out of control, which would be a disaster.  China has the most to lose from global disaster.  They need to tell Putin to knock it off.  

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