Sunday, February 6, 2022

Where Are People Of Color At Charity Events

We attend various charity events every year to raise money for all sorts of causes from those helping the poor in various ways to those supporting the arts.  And, what is surprising is that it is rare to see people of color at these events.  It is generally older White people middle class and rich doing good things for their communities.  Where are middle class and rich people of color and don't say that there aren't any because that would be ridiculous.  It might be that most people of color are Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) who believe it is government's job to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters.  

While there are more White people in real numbers on Welfare and Food Stamps than people of color, as a percentage of each group, there are more poor people of color that need help.  Their middle class and rich brothers and sisters argue that the rich should pay more in taxes to support the poor.  What they fail to see is that is it middle class and rich Whites both paying taxes and supporting charities helping people in need of all races.  Many of these groups support unwed mothers to avoid abortion.  Of course, most Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) of all races support abortion right up until birth and even after at taxpayer expense so that is their way of helping poor women of color.  Killing Black and Hispanic babies is their answer to helping these poor women.  What a shame!

So, I challenge middle class and rich people of color to support charities in their communities.  They are welcome to attend the luncheons and dinners to raise money for many worthy causes.  I would love to see them sitting right next to us.  All charities welcome broad participation to do good things in their communities.  Government is never the solution.  Government is usually the problem.  We have spent trillions of dollars trying to eliminate poverty in our country since the New Deal and Great Society and yet poverty has never been greater.  In the process, government has destroyed the Black family.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock.  5 out of 10 Hispanic babies are born of out of wedlock.  4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock.  In most cases, while life is preferable to abortion, these children are born into poverty.  We have to break this cycle.  

This is happening because of the societal breakdown in our country and the acceptance that babies born out of wedlock is a normal occurrence.  And though it happens everyday, it should not be normalized.  We must encourage marriage and family to stop what is happening; but that is another blog posting.  In the meantime, there are many people in our country that need help.  Middle class and rich people of color need to step up to help those in need.   I would love to see them at the charity events we attend every year.  

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