Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Black Lives Matter Is A Communist Domestic Terrorist Organization

It is absolutely astounding that many public school districts across America are implementing Black Lives Matter Week of Action, which is nothing more than Communist indoctrination.  BLM is a Communist Domestic Terrorist Organization that has rioted, looted and burned down businesses and cites causing more than $2 billion in damages and injuring hundreds of people some of whom died during their riots.    BLM is not a legitimate Civil Rights organization.  

Public School Board Members, Administrators and Teachers pushing BLM indoctrination must be removed from office and or FIRED.  Exposing children to this evil organization is child abuse, malpractice and malfeasance.  Parents and other concerned citizens in public school districts where they are pushing BLM and Critical Race Theory indoctrination must rise up and raise holy hell.   Ignorant Members of BLM obviously do not understand the evils of Communism.   Socialism, Communism and Fascism wherever they have been practiced has always led to misery and murder.  History is our teacher.  These morons are probably products of our public schools, which is why they don't know history.

BLM is out to destroy our country and the nuclear family in favor of some collective Communist ideology.  No thanks.  We know the end of this story.  What is really outrageous is that some of the largest companies in the US have given BLM millions of dollars.  Where are the Boards of these publicly traded companies.  Senior Managers that have done this should be FIRED.  

Black Lives Matter should be on the Domestic Terrorist list; but don't count on it related to Biden's Justice Department run by the Socialist Party Hack Merrick Garland.  What an idiot!  BLM is rarely prosecuted for their crimes.  Quemala Harris was even raising money to pay bail to get BLM criminals out of jail in the rare event they were arrested.  We have reached crazy in America.  Many public school districts are supporting these criminals.  Just unbelievable!  

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