Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Surrendering Our Freedoms - Inch By Inch

Since 9/11 in the name of the increased need for security, we have been surrendering our freedoms inch by inch.  So now the Deep State in coordination with Big Tech spies on us.  They know everything there is to know about all of us.  It is the biggest intrusion into personal privacy in the history of our country.  We agreed to more security at airports including pat downs to prevent another terrorist attack; but now that security extends to many other aspects of life.

And, then Covid hit and government took much more control over our lives using fake science that seems to change daily.  The Covid Vaccine Card has become a national identity card and travel passport and has even been used as a requirement to go into restaurants, theatres, and other locations in many Blue States.  Many were told get vaccinated or get FIRED.  Imagine!  Big government and Big Business required that we get vaccinated or else face dire consequences and punishments; yet criminals who riot, loot, burn down cities and commit murders walk free.  

The Deep State is at war with Trump Supporters.  They see all of us as insurrectionists or "domestic terrorists".   A small number of those who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th were guilty of serious crimes; yet all who may have been involved have had their lives ruined as the FBI knocked on their doors in the middle of the night like the Gestapo in NAZI Germany.  And, anybody who does not agree with Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) and their supporters, those in the Deep State, Big Business including Big Tech, Fake News and Hollywood must be cancelled or eliminated.  We are simply not allowed to believe that Joe Biden was elected as a result of the fraud that we saw before our very eyes.  They call it the "Big Lie".  We call it the truth. 

And, then there is dictator GQ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada who supported BLM and Antifa Protests and Riots; but opposes Truckers saying NO to forced vaccine and mask mandates.  Socialist Fascist Trudeau calls Truckers NAZI's and White Supremists.  Really!   They are not only to be arrested, they are to be destroyed.  The Trucker's bank accounts have been frozen.  Their trucks have been confiscated.  Trudeau intends to ruin their lives because they have dared to challenge him and the Deep State Socialist Fascists in Canada.  

What we are seeing is what happens in Communist or Fascist countries not democracies.  Limiting free speech and attempting to control what people think is Orwell's Big Brother in the book 1984.  There will not be a good ending to this story.  In history when people were persecuted ultimately it resulted first in arrests and murders and then in revolution.  People will not tolerate usurpation of their God given rights.  Eventually, it will result in a boiling point and then all bets are off.  Those in government with sane minds better call off the dogs in the Deep State.  

If they allow the attack on our freedoms to continue, it will only be a matter of time before people say ENOUGH and then they will rebel.  We are seeing it related to our public schools as parents show up at school board meetings to take back our public schools.  It is becoming very clear that the people must take back our government from the crooks and liars feeding at the trough.  It may require a Constitutional Convention to reform our government to put the people back in control.  Our democracy is being threatened by Socialist Fascists in power.  In history, whenever these tyrants have gained power it has led to loss of freedom, misery, poverty and murder.  History is our teacher.  We know the end of this story.  We can't allow it to happen again.  

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