Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Texas Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave

Everytime I go to Texas, I feel like I am in another country.  Though Texas does have a few liberal enclaves like Austin, Dallas and Houston cities, which should be avoided for the most part even at the border, Texas is a firmly Red State controlled by Conservative Republicans.  Most Texans are for Faith, Family and Freedom.  Texas is part of the Bible Belt.  There are many mega Churches in Texas including Catholic Churches that are often huge.  Church parking lots are full on Sunday mornings.  

Republicans have seriously restricted abortion in Texas so that now abortions are only permitted within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.  This has led to a drop of thousands of abortions in the state of Texas.  Women beyond this point in time are no doubt going to other states, or just maybe saving a life rather than killing a child.  And, then there are guns.  Most people in Texas own guns.  Anyone trying to take their guns away will do so at their own peril.  Even Beto O'Rourke, running for Governor as the Socialist Fascist ( AKA Democrat ) has moved away from gun confiscation saying now that he wants to protect Second Amendment rights.  What a joke! 

Socialist Fascists are hoping that flooding the state with illegal aliens will turn Texas into a Blue State.  AOC from New York City recently declared that it is inevitable that one day soon Texas will become a Blue State.   First, the illegal aliens coming in now are being disbursed all over the country and second Texas will NEVER allow non citizens to vote.  Further, many Hispanics vote Republican because they are also committed to Faith, Family and Freedom.  

Many people are leaving repressive Blue State with high taxes and crime and moving to Texas.  The growth in Texas during the last 20 years in particular has been remarkable and it just does not stop.  With more people moving to Texas home prices are rising; but it is worth it to experience freedom.  Those moving to Texas from Blue States can say free at last, free at last.  

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