Friday, February 11, 2022

Blue States Ending Mask & Vaccine Mandates - All About Political Science

Even though Biden's Center for Disease Control and Dr. Flip Flop Fauci claims that the "science" is requiring that states maintain their Mask and Vaccine Mandates to prevent Covid, Blue State Governors one by one are ending the Mandates because they are running for reelection and now it is all about the Political Science.  Blue State Governors are following Red State Governors that ended the Mandates long ago with no additional detrimental effect.  In other words, the incidence of Covid are no higher in those states that ended the Mandates earlier. 

And, then there was the recent Johns Hopkins University Study that concluded that the Lock-Downs only prevented perhaps 0.2% of Covid Cases.  Politicians of both political parties at the beginning of Covid and Deep State Swamp Lizard Bureaucrats literally destroyed our economy and thousands of businesses, killed millions of jobs and added trillions of dollars to the National Debt and now we know that there was no impact from shutting down the economy.  This was perhaps the dumbest decision by governments in the history of the world.  Instead, these countries should have focused on therapeutics to treat Covid because at best that is all we got with the vaccines after spending billions of dollars on vaccines benefiting Big Pharma.  

So now Blue State Governors seeing Socialist Fascist Poll Ratings that are in toilet have decided that it is time to end the Mask and Vaccine Mandates.  Governor Sisolak of Nevada, where we live basically said why bother anymore because those that have chosen not to get vaccinated will not be persuaded anyway.  Really!  So now in these Blue States wearing a Mask and or getting Vaccinated is optional.  School Districts and Businesses may choose to maintain the Mandates; but the pressure on them will now be intense to end them.  

This is all about Political Science.  The Mandates are intensely unpopular and opposed by the vast majority of Americans.  We want our freedom back.  These Socialist Fascist politicians in Blue States are seeing the Canadian Trucker Convoys and they know that they are coming to the United States.  Most people have just had it.  We want to get back to normal even if it means catching Covid especially since now we see that getting vaccinated is not a cure.  And, many doctors have concluded that wearing masks do not prevent the infection from spreading especially in children.  

Feckless Joe Biden and the Federal Government are being left behind because they have lost the support of the American people.  This is now about elections in 2022 and 2024.  Socialist Fascists fear that a Red Wave is coming.  Covid be damned, their actions to end the Mask and Vaccine Mandates are all about their political survival.  Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) see the train coming and they do not want be run over by it.  Too late because they are going down!  

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