Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mike Pence Has No Future In The Republican Party

Former Vice President Mike Pence has no future in the Republican Party because when we needed him most during the counting of the Electoral College Votes on January 6th, 2021,  he let us down and instead acted as a Deep State Swamp Lizard to elect feckless Joe Biden.  Pence had the right to send the electoral slate back to the states where Governors illegally ignored their state's election laws, which resulted in voter fraud.  The reason we know that Pence had the legal right to do it is because RINOS and Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) are in discussions to change the law to stop a Vice President in the future from taking this action.  It will be interesting to see if Socialist Fascists will vote for this change in the law because they would take this action in a minute to steal an election given the chance.   

If Pence did not have the legal right to take this action then why are Deep State Swamp Lizards looking to change the law.  The fact is that Mike Pence would not have been deciding the election had he taken this action.   State Legislatures could have recertified the electoral slate that was sent to the Congress, or they could have pushed it aside sending a new slate, which would have been their right.  State Legislatures, many of which were controlled by Republicans would have exercised their legitimate authority and in all likelihood President Trump would have been re-elected.  In doing so, they would have saved the nation from the current buffoon in the White House, feckless Joe Biden.

The base of the Republican Party will NEVER forgive Mike Pence for failing us and the nation.  His cowardice is a stain on his forehead that will forever be there to remind us that he did not have the courage to save our country from fraudulently electing Joe Biden.  Mike Pence was the last line of defense and he failed to stand tall.  As a result, Mike Pence is OVER.  He can get a job on CNN or MSNBC, or on various woke company Boards.  They will hire him because they Love anyone who worked to remove President Trump from office.    

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