Friday, February 18, 2022

Biden Begging Foreign Countries To Produce More Oil

When Donald Trump was President we achieved energy independence for the first time in decades.  The United States was producing so much oil and natural gas that we became an exporting nation.  The average cost of a gallon of gas was about $1.87 in many parts of the country.  A little more than one year later, after the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, the cost of a gallon of gas averages about $4.00 because Biden's regulations have resulted in significantly less oil and gas production in the US.  Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals in government keep pushing the Green New Deal, which is great for China but horrible for the United States.  Their America Last policies have been a disaster for our country.  

The end result is 7% inflation the highest we have had since Jimmy Carter, another failed Socialist was President because the higher cost of energy is baked into everything we eat, do, buy etc.  Oil is at about $91 a barrel today; but many expect it to go as high as $150 a barrel.  If that happens, we will see the average price of gas at $5 or more a gallon.  It is already that high today in California.  If Russia invades Ukraine, which seems likely, we will see the cost of a barrel of oil go through the roof.  As a result, rather than demanding that American companies pump more oil in the United States, feckless Joe Biden is begging OPEC and other foreign countries to pump more oil.  Joe Biden is a MORON and a clear and present danger to our country worse than any foreign enemy.    

Socialist Fascists and their environmental wacko supporters want the price of gas in our country to go to $6 or more a gallon because they believe it will limit the sale of gasoline and destroy the carbon energy industry.  They are right; but at the same time it will destroy our standard of living in the United States.  The poor and middle class in particular will get killed as energy prices soar and it adds to even more inflation.  The good news is that Republicans will regain control of the Congress in 2022 because the higher price of gas among many other reasons will cause the majority of Americans to vote Republican.  

And, while Republican control will prevent many of Biden's radical plans from going into law, it will not end his Executive Orders that are destroying our energy industry.  The only way to stop that going forward is to elect a Republican President in 2024.  Donald Trump get your dancing shoes ready.  We need you in the White House to get our country back on track.  

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