Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama's Scandal Trifecta

This Blogger cannot recall a Trifecta of Scandals occurring in any one week for any President; but Socialist President Obama is exceptional indeed.   This week Obamanistas had to deal with BenghaziGate, IRS Dirty Tricks and the Justice Department assault on the Associated Press.  Of course, Obama claims to know nothing about any of these Scandals.   So, either the President is a liar, or just completely incompetent because the buck always stops with the President. 

First, Benghazi.   Obamanistas claimed that the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, which resulted in the murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans was perpetrated by a mob of demonstrators infuriated about a video depicting Mohammad in a bad light.  They held to the Socialist party line for several days, even though they knew very well that this was a Terrorist attack by a group tied to Al Queda.   Remember, Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive; Obama's narrative during the election.  It is clear that a Terrorist attack by radical Islamists did not fit that narrative. 

Obama is not comfortable even using the word Terrorist unless he is absolutely forced to do so by the facts.  Oh wait a minute, always remember Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow or in some cases even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We are seeing it all in action during the Obama Presidency. 

Next, IRS Dirty Tricks.   We found out this week that the IRS has been targeting Tea Party and other Conservative Groups and their donors for audit since 2010 even though they previously denied that it was happening.   The IRS even leaked Conservative Group applications for non profit status to Pro Publico, a left wing media outlet.  This was not an isolated occurrence as apparently several IRS offices were involved in this crime and Yes it is a crime. 

Once again, Obamanistas at the White House, including the President, claim they knew nothing of these shenanigans.  Does anyone really believe this was going on with high level approval.   If Obama gave the order to implement these IRS Dirty Tricks, it is far worse than anything that happened during Watergate and it would be an impeachable offense.   The IRS has become Obama's Gestapo and it will get worse as the IRS is charged with enforcing ObamaCare. 

Finally, we discovered this week that Obama's Justice Department seized phone records of Associated Press Reporters with no notice.   This attack on the free press is unprecedented.  Obama's lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder claims it was done for National Security reasons to identify a leak concerning a Terrorist threat, while at the same time Obama's National Security Advisor was briefing the press on this very subject.  This assault on the free press was designed to send a chilling message to all of them.  Play ball with Obama, or get investigated. 

In his Commencement Address at Ohio State, Obama warned his audience about those of us that continue to ring alarm bells about developing Tyranny in our country under Obama.   Given the events of this week and Obama's Scandal Trifecta, Obama's words were nothing more than Socialist propaganda and B---S---.  History teaches us that we need to fear government when Socialists, Fascists or Communists are in power.   Obama is a Socialist and a clear and present danger to our freedom.   Just ask anyone in our country that has experienced Obama's jack boot.  It is real. 

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