Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth

After making a statement to the House Committee investigating the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal telling us she is not guilty, Lois Lerner, the Director in charge of the IRS Division, that targeted Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian groups, invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid self incrimination.   The only problem is that this woman has a history of targeting Conservative groups.  In fact, when Lerner was in charge of the Federal Election Commission, she sued the Christian Coalition and lost in court.  It is pretty obvious that Lerner not only lied to Congress in prior testimony concerning this IRS Dirty Tricks Scheme, she has a record of targeting Conservatives.  

But this Scandal goes much further into the IRS, Treasury and the White House.  Douglas Shulman, the former Commissioner of the IRS, knew about targeting Conservative groups in 2012 and perhaps before and lied to Congress when he said there was no such targeting in prior testimony.   White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and others working at the White House were aware of this IRS Dirty Tricks audit/investigation as early as 2011, yet supposedly never told Socialist President Obama.  That is just not believable; but if it is true, all these characters should be FIRED by the President for withholding this critical information. 

It is time for a Special Prosecutor.   This IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal is far worse than Watergate.  Clearly, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama's lackey cannot be trusted to investigate this criminal activity.  Further, Obama is protecting the 100,000 member Treasury Department Union and their members led by union President Colleen Kelley.  Kelley was a regular visitor to the White House during the 2010 - 2012.  The question is why?  What pay off's were involved for union support of Obama during the 2012 election.  This all stinks to the high heavens.  Corruption, Corruption, Corruption.

The IRS Gestapo is out of control.  What is really frightening is that the IRS led by Sarah Ingram, the very same woman that Lois Lerner reported to at the IRS, was promoted and will lead the new IRS unit enforcing ObamaCare.   The IRS has already requested millions of Americans health records.  Big Brother is watching us and everything we do, own, eat etc. etc.  

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO to Obama and his big government schemes.  Our freedom is at stake.  We see it very clearly in the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  Heads need to roll at the IRS, Treasury and the White House.  Many of these characters should be FIRED and some of them should go to JAIL. 

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