Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gays & The Republican Party

It was big news this week when Jason Collins, an NBA Basketball Player, announced he was Gay.   Who care?   No doubt, there are Gays in every profession and perhaps even on Welfare, the same as other Americans; but in fact Gays tend to make more money than the average American because they are often better educated.   Gays tend to be liberal and many are radical left wing supporters of Socialists, not just as a result of the marriage issue; but because they support other left wing issues, as well.  So, even if Republicans finally approve of Civil Unions, as advocated by this Blogger, as an alternative to marriage between a man and a woman, Republicans are not likely to attract the majority of Gay voters.

However, Conservatives don't need to attract the majority of Gay voters to win elections.   We do need to attract another 5 - 6% of the electorate to add to our base to create a coalition of Conservative voters to take back our country.   Supporting Civil Unions, that provide all the rights of marriage, for Gays would help do that.   Certainly, there is a percentage of well educated, fiscally sane Conservative Gays, in our population that support limited government, less regulations and balancing the federal budget.   These are probably older professional Gays, some of whom may own businesses.  By supporting Civil Unions, they can be attracted to the Republican tent.   Republicans will never attract left wing wackos, whether Gay or Straight, so forgettaboutem. 

To be clear, in supporting Civil Unions, this Blogger is not using the word marriage, the sacred institution between a man and a woman.  Nor will this Blogger ever use the words husband and wife, except to refer to a married man and woman because to do otherwise is ridiculous.   If nothing else, I am just arguing for the English language and 5,000 years of history.   If Gays are happy with using the logical words Spouse or Partner, that works for me. 

And further, no religion should be forced to preside over Gay Civil Unions, or in any way to alter their actions, if it violates their religious tenets.   The First Amendment still guarantees Freedom of Religion, the last time I read it.  That means Gays must stop attacking the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations and religions that simply do not recognize Gay unions of any kind.  Those Gays that meet us half way, will find many in the Republican Party welcoming them with open arms.    

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