Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado - An Obama Life Saver

The horrible tornado in Oklahoma that resulted in death and destruction has been a life saver for Socialist President Obama.  Obamanistas would much rather be talking about helping people in Oklahoma, than dealing with the unfolding Benghazi Scandal, IRS Dirty Tricks and the over reach of the federal government is seizing the phone records of reporters and executives at the Associated Press and Fox News in violation of their First Amendment rights.  Who could blame them?  As former Obama Chief of Staff Raum Emmanuel always said, "never let a good crisis go to waste". 

But unfortunately, these Scandals are not going away any time soon, particularly as IRS management is dragged before Congress to testify.  We learned today that Lois Lerner the woman who was directly in charge of the particular division of the IRS that targeted Tea Party and other Conservative groups and Christian organizations took the 5th Amendment, rather than answer questions fearing self incrimination.  Lerner is lawyered up.  Gosh, wonder why?   What does that tell the American people.   There is something rotten at the IRS; though that should be no surprise. 

Anyone who believes that someone high up in the Obama Administration and maybe even the President himself did not give the order to have the IRS target their so called political "enemies" is smoking medical marijuana.   Members of Obama's team in the White House knew about all of this in 2011; but supposedly did not tell the President.  If that is true, how convenient!!  Of course, this is with a wink and a nod because they have to provide the President the ability to deny any knowledge of illegal activity.  But these Obamanistas were just following the Obama/Biden play book as they continue to wage Class Warfare against the Makers in our country.  The IRS is Obama's Gestapo, which will only become worse at the IRS controls our health care system beginning in 2014. 

Those in the White House, at Treasury and the IRS were just doing Obama's dirty work.  And, the Treasury Department left wing union may have been involved in the Scheme as we know now that Colleen Kelly, President of the Treasury Department Union, was having meetings at the White House in March, 2011.   With who and to discuss what?   Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive.   Always remember, Socialists like President Obama and his pals in government, will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   The cover up concerning all these Scandals is just beginning. 

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