Monday, May 20, 2013

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Brings Home The Bacon

Thank you so much America.  Every time I drive around my home town of Reno, Nevada, I realize that Senator Dirty Harry Reid, my Senator and the Socialist leader of the US Senate brings home the bacon.   Though we welcome lots of tourists each year, Nevada is a small state with only about 2.8 million people, so Dirty Harry has to find "creative" ways to spend your money in our state.   So even though we have rush 5 minutes in Reno, rather than rush hour, around 6 pm when a small line of cars converge at US 80 and US 395,  Dirty Harry brought home federal highway dollars to widen our freeways and off ramps.   But since Senator Reid could only give away so much of your money to his PEEP's in Welfare and Food Stamps, he needed to spend even more of Obama's SwindleUS money in our state.  So our freeways are now beautifully adored with metal sculptures.   We are up to our car bumpers in art.  Actually, it is a distraction. 

And, then Dirty Harry found another $100 million or more to build 6 miles of freeway on a hillside connecting Reno and Carson City, our state capitol.   The reason it cost so much is because some bridges needed to be built that are an engineering marvel.  So now instead of driving the 20 miles to Carson City on the four lane highway that worked perfectly fine, we only have to drive 14 miles on that same highway when we do it maybe 5 times a year.   Gosh, we may be saving an hour of driving time each year.   Of course, there is an unintended consequence.   The six miles of the four lane highway we can now avoid had a number of businesses that will probably go out of business.  Oh well, that's progress.

For the few hundred people a day who take the bus down Virginia Street, our main boulevard in Reno that stretches perhaps 15 miles, Dirty Harry found the money for high tech automated bus stops.  I am told those bus stops cost about a million dollars each; but whose counting.   At least now, those that take the bus will know that the next bus is coming in 7 minutes.   As a result, bus riders can better their day.

Though many airlines have stopped doing non-stop flights into and out of Reno International Airport,  we now have a beautifully renovated airport, with new restaurants and shops, presumably thanks to Dirty Harry.   Senator Reid also used some of Obama's SwindleUS monies to build the new fire station down the road from our home.   It would be just great so that when I have my heart attack, 911 response time should be quicker except for the fact that the city of Reno and Washoe County don't have the money to properly staff the new fire station; just a minor detail. 

This Blogger must assume that all these improvements in our city have happened because Senator Dirty Harry Reid has been bringing home the bacon for more than 36 years in office to win elections.  As a result of the Obama Recession, Nevada suffered a major downturn and very high unemployment and foreclosures.  As such, the city of Reno, various counties in Nevada and the state certainly did not have the money to fund these improvements, so Dirty Harry came to the rescue to buy votes in the last election, as usual.  This is probably the reason the Republican Mayors of both Reno and nearby Sparks endorsed Dirty Harry in the last election.  Our Mayors just love pork. 

The only problem with all of this is our $17 Trillion National Debt and federal deficit spending with no end in sight.  You see, Dirty Harry had to borrow the money for all the bacon he brings home, often to fund goofy projects, from the Chinese and others adding to our National Debt.   And, you can bet, we could probably tell this same story about many members of Congress; both Socialists and Republicans that bring home the bacon to win reelection.   But thanks again America for improving my quality of life in Reno.  Assuming this Blogger does not have a car accident looking at all the metal fish, deer, trees, mustangs and rock mosaics on our freeways, I will be forever grateful.


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