Friday, May 31, 2013

Federal Government Unions Gaming The System

You may have heard that as a result of the Sequester cutting just $85 billion out of the $3.7 Trillion the federal government will spend this year, that certain federal employees may have to be furloughed 5 or 10 days this year to save money, so presumably they would lose some pay.  This was supposed to happen one day at a time so government functions are not impacted. 

But public employee unions, representing these government workers are negotiating with the federal government to combine these days so that these workers will be eligible for unemployment insurance and additional paid vacation.  Naturally,  Socialist President Obama, owned, lock, stock and barrel by public employee unions will no doubt do all he can to make this happen; just wait and see. 

So any savings that were supposed to happen as a result of the Sequester, as required by law, will be offset by the additional unemployment benefits that will be paid out to government workers.   These public employee unions and Obamanistas that would agree to this are gaming the system and the American taxpayer.   

Once again the Takers in society, public employee union members that often earn 40% more in total compensation and benefits that are common in the private sector are taking advantage of the Makers that have taken pay and benefits cuts in the last five years as a result of the Obama Recession.   Government workers are feeding at the trough; but it should be no surprise.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress have absolutely no intention of cutting federal spending, or paying off our $17 Trillion National Debt.  

These Socialists and the public employee unions that support them are bankrupting our country.  They just don't care as long as they continue getting everything they can from hard working tax payers.   This is all about redistribution of income from the Makers in society to the Takers. It is what it is.      

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