Saturday, June 1, 2013

ObamaCare Big Losers - The Middle Class & Senior Citizens

Recently, this Blogger's primary care doctor announced that he would soon be part of the MDVIP Program, along with 700 hundred other doctors in the country that have already moved in this direction.  In the process, he will limit his practice to no more than 600 patients to allow him to provide "quality care".  In the process, since the annual cost is $1,650 per person, the other 2,000 people who currently go to my doctor will have to go someplace elsewhere, presumably because they either can't afford to pay this money, or since it is first come first serve, once my doctor hits 600 patients, his practiced with be closed to others.   Just think, if 5 doctors in Reno, Nevada where we live do the same thing, 10,000 people will be scrambling to find a new primary care doctor.   This is in addition to the 30 million uninsured nationally that will basically get free medical insurance as result of ObamaCare.  Add to that the expansion of Medicaid as more are added to the roles under ObamaCare.  

The problem with all of this is that is does not divide.   There are simply not enough doctors to go around, particularly if many retire to avoid ObamaCare, which is happening and or others limit their practice only to patients that can pay an annual fee.   So where is this all going.  The poor will continue to receive the mediocre medical care they get now, so no change for them.   Senior citizens will find it difficult, if not impossible to find a doctor willing to take straight Medicare, without an expensive overlay Medigap policy because the payments Docs get from Medicare are so low that many will not take Medicare patients.  That is already happening as many Senior Citizens are being shuffled off to Nurse Practitioners.  This will get worse as a result of the $700 Billion cut out of Medicare to insure Obama's younger PEEP's.   In many ways, Senior Citizens are paying to insure the uninsured as their no cost/low cost Medicare Advantage HMO programs go away in the next year or two.

Finally, the Middle Class is in for a rude awakening.   Traditionally, Middle Class Americans have been covered by employer sponsored plans.  But since ObamaCare does nothing to bend the cost curve and premiums are still going through the roof, many companies will cut medical benefits requiring employees to pay higher deductibles and co-pays.  In addition, by simply making employees part time, companies don't have to provide any medical benefits at all.   Most important, Middle Class Americans more and more will find themselves dealing with a Nurse Practitioner, rather than a primary care doctor because there just are not enough doctors to go around.   So, the rich and or those willing to pay an annual fee will get great medical care.   Everyone else better get used to waiting months for an appointment to see a doctor.   Thank You Socialist President Obama.   Obama is always talking about helping the Middle Class.  Or really!!  ObamaCare will be horrible for the Middle Class; just wait and see.   

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