Tuesday, June 25, 2013

93% Of Blacks Voted For Obama - Why?

93% of Blacks voted for Socialist President Obama in the last election, despite his dismal job performance and economic plan that has really hurt Black Americans worst.  In fact, the unemployment rate among Blacks is about double the national rate, up to nearly 14%.  It was 12.9% when Bush II left office.  And, 50% of Black teenagers have no work; much highe than the rate for White teenagers.   Obama has given poor people, including Blacks, more government assistance, as 50 million people are now on Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected.  Obama has also provided the poor, including Blacks, free cell phones at a cost of $2 billion a year.  So the old saying, Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing is applicable.   People on the dole that are Takers, including Blacks, surely voted for Obama.  It is understandable. 

However, to be clear, not all Blacks are Takers.    What is really amazing is that nearly all Black Makers also voted for Obama.  Only 6% of Blacks voted for Mitt Romney in the last election.   The question is why?  Obviously, aside from political differences, which may be real, Black Makers voted with their hearts, not with their minds.  This Blogger is not saying that these people are stupid; but rather that they just could not vote against the first Black American President, no matter what his job performance. 

The telling tale occurred a few months before the election when I asked a successful Black man sitting next to me at an industry dinner I was attending a very simple question.  It was, "If Barack Obama was White and or a Republican, given his dismal record related to the economy and creating jobs in the Black community, would you vote for him".   There was an uncomfortable silence and then this smart Black man said "No".   And, given the numbers, how could the answer be Yes, if not for an emotional response. 

Bill Clinton was always known as the First Black President, a badge of honor that he proudly wore until Obama accused the Clinton's of racism in the 2008 election.  Clinton has never forgiven Obama for that dirty campaign, given his record in the Black Community, which is far better than anything Obama has achieved to date.    Blacks voted for Bill Clinton because his common sense policies raised their standard of living.  In that case, they voted with their pocketbooks and their minds, not necessarily with their hearts.  Remember, it was Clinton, more like Ronald Reagan, that once declared "the era of big government is over".  

Too bad Socialist President Obama never learned the lessons of Free Market Capitalism.  Ironically, as a result, it is the Black Community hurt most by Obama's policies.   Successful Blacks, like all smart people, don't need big government to be successful.  If they had realized it in the last election and voted with their minds, instead of their hearts, Barack Obama may not have won reelection.   

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