Monday, June 3, 2013

IRS Malfeasance & Incompetence

As it becomes clearer by the day, it looks like IRS employees conspired to target Tea Party and other Conservatives groups along with Christian organizations deemed to be enemies of the President.   The only questions now are who gave the order to make these illegal activities happen and how far into the White House does this Scandal reach.   But that is only half the story.   We know now that the IRS spent $50 million in the last few years on lavish Conferences.  This is hard earned taxpayer money for IRS management to have a good time on our dime. 

More important and this is both malfeasance and incompetence is that the IRS handed out $13 billion in the last year in unearned tax monies to low income working poor that was fraudulent.  In other words instead of paying taxes like the 50% of that do so, the IRS wrote checks to these people only to discover that they did not qualify.   And, in most cases, the IRS made no effort to get these monies back deeming the recovery effort not cost justified.  This $13 Billion in greater than the entire IRS budget employing 90,000 government workers.  

Whose heads are going to roll for the IRS Dirty Trick Scandal and this malfeasance and incompetence.   All of this is just unbelievable at a time when Veterans Benefits are being cut.   Clearly, there is something very rotten in Washington DC and it starts at the Obama White House fostering a culture of corruption and incompetence.  All taxpayers should be mad as hell.  And, these are the same Socialists that continue to push for even higher taxes so that they can waste more of our money.   Ridiculous!!!  These characters should be in jail instead of collecting a government paycheck. 

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