Friday, June 28, 2013

Obama's $100 Million Boondoggle Vacation

Socialist President Obama closed the White House to tours claiming that Sequester spending cuts made it impossible to keep the People's House open at the same time it is estimated that he is spending $100 million to take his family on a vacation to Africa.   Obama left town while his administration is embroiled in numerous Scandals that lead right to the White House.   So children don't get to see the People's House while on their school trips; yet the IRS and other government agencies blow billions of dollars on Conferences, bonuses and other goodies, while feeding at the trough.  Go figure!!

Obamanistas and others in government call the Whistle Blower, Edward Snowden, a traitor for revealing the extent of the National Security Agency's Surveillance Program of the American people; yet Obama says he will not get involved as Russia's President Putin thumbs his nose at Obama.   But then again, this is the same President Obama who after the first American Ambassador since 1979 was murdered in Libya flew off to raise campaign funds, rather than remain at the White House and do his job. 

Socialist President Obama is perhaps the most tone deaf President in American history.  Obama reminds this student and teacher of history of Czar Nicholas of Russia, who just could not understand the Communist revolution that was happening around him in 1917, as the Russian people were starving.   In this case, Obama went off to Africa on a $100 million boondoggle vacation with his family, while IRS employees continue to take the 5th,  rather than incriminate themselves.    There is something very wrong with this picture.   Does anyone really believe that any other President with a brain would have done the same.  Not likely!!

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