Sunday, June 30, 2013

IRS Audacity - Asking For Another Billion Dollars

In the height of audacity, temporary IRS Commissioner, light weight, Danny Werfel is asking for another billion dollars in funding to add 4,500 IRS employees, to this already bloated government agency, in addition to their current $11.2 billion annual budget and 92,000 employees.   As they say in New York City, now that takes real chutzpa.   This is after revelation of IRS targeting of Tea Party and other Conservatives Groups and Christian organizations, wasteful conferences, massive bonuses, abuse of agency credit cards, millions in bogus refunds that went to a single North Carolina address, billions in fraudulent earned income tax credit payments that are unrecoverable and recent news that a senior manager at the IRS helped deliver nearly a half a billion dollars in contracts to a friend's business.  This is all happening as two IRS employees, involved in the the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal, have already taken the 5th to avoid incriminating themselves. 

Are they kidding??   The IRS is not only corrupt, this agency and many of its employees are completely incompetent.   I know, I have seen it first hand in various audits over the years.  Yet, this is the government agency now charged with enforcing ObamaCare, involving one sixth of the US economy and all of our health care and life and death decisions.    We have reached ridiculous and just plain unbelievable.  Why on earth would Congress authorize giving even more tax payer money to a government agency that has failed us so badly.   Talk about throwing good money after bad down a toilet.   

If anything, we need to enact tax reform to make our tax code simpler, flatter and fairer, so that we can abolish the IRS entirely to use their $11 billion annual budget to help pay down our $17 Trillion National Debt that keeps growing with no end in sight.   In the process, many of these characters, the ones who are crooks and liars first need to be FIRED and then need to go to jail for their crimes.  Other IRS employees need to face the real world, the one the rest of us work in for their new jobs.   Guaranteed when that happens they won't have time for line dancing, making silly training videos, or fancy spa treatments on the taxpayer dime.  It is definitely time for a reality check for these IRS employees that have so abused the public trust. 

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