Saturday, June 15, 2013

Edward Snowden - Whistleblower or Traitor

Is Edward Snowden, the young former Booz Allen contractor, working for the National Security Agency, a Whistle Blower or a Traitor?   If Snowden is actually working for the Chinese, or the Russians, or some other government, that would make him a Traitor.   If however, Snowden is just an American concerned about the over reaching surveillance of American citizen's phone records, emails and Internet activity, in violation of the Bill of Rights and 1st and 4th Amendments in particular, then his revelations would make him a national hero and a Whistle Blower. 

Of course, the Establishment in Washington DC, which includes both Socialists and Republicans see Snowden as a Traitor who has revealed government secrets that they have approved over the years.   The fact that the NSA Surveillance Program goes far beyond anything necessary to track Terrorists and is a vast Big Brother over reach seems lost on many of our elected officials, including Socialist President Obama, who railed against Bush II and the Patriot Act in 2007, as a violation of our rights, when he was running for President.   Ironically, it is Obama that has vastly expanded implementation of the Patriot Act way beyond anything ever implemented by Bush II. 

However, as a result of all the Obama Scandals including, Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Cover Up, the IRS Dirty Tricks, Seizing Reporters Phone Records and now the State Department Cover Up of Sex and Drugs activities of State Department employees and all the lies we have seen during testimony before Congress, there is absolutely no reason for the American people to trust our government related to this latest National Security Agency over reach.   In fact, history teaches us that we need to fear government, especially when a Socialist, Fascist, or Communist is in charge.

Homeland Security and now even the IRS has purchased thousands of assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.  In addition to regular law enforcement and presumably the National Guard, an internal army is being created by Socialist Obama.   This is not being done to fight Terrorism, or to deal with tax cheats.  It is being done because Socialists in government fear an uprising by the American people against them and their policies.   They do have reason for such fear because bankrupting our country, the path we are on as a result of Obama's Socialist Schemes, will no doubt lead to economic collapse and civil strife on our streets.   That day is coming. 

In any case,  Edward Snowden just confirmed what this Blogger has been saying since Obama was elected, we can't trust our government.   There are no checks and balances on federal government over reach as 100 years of Socialist over reach has eroded our freedom.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   We have seen this premise in action as all the Obamanistas go before Congress, one by one and lie through their teeth.    

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