Saturday, June 22, 2013

IRS Union Employees To Get $70 Million In Bonuses

The National Treasury Department Union, a big supporter of Obama elections, negotiated a very sweet deal for its members.  Apparently, they will get $70 million in bonuses this year and there is little anyone can do about it.  The question is what is the basis for these bonuses; number of IRS audits, targeting Tea Party and other Conservative groups and in general making life miserable for American citizens.   The IRS is the most hated agency of government, especially now that we learn that these characters, feeding at the trough, are going to earn bonuses, 40 cents out of each dollar of which will be borrowed and added to our $17 Trillion National Debt.    

And, the IRS, in its Gestapo capacity, cost individuals and companies hundred of millions of dollars each year when we must hire accountants and attorneys to fight frivolous IRS audits.   This Blogger knows from personal experience in the last ten years, since my company has spent hundreds of hours and perhaps $200,000 in outside legal and accounting fees to teach some young IRS punk the tax code.  In three cases, when my company was audited, we owed no monies because we don't violate the law; yet we had to spend these monies proving it to the IRS.   This happens to thousands of Americans every year.

Of course, there was no consequence for the IRS, or federal government for being wrong, like so often happens with government employees.  No one at the IRS was fired, or lost wages.  We did not even get an apology letter for wasting our time and money.  This is the reason I am pushing my Congressman and Senator to sponsor legislation that says when the IRS loses an audit, the federal government should have to pay the taxpayer's outside legal and accounting fees.  Keep in mind, we already pay for the IRS cost and expenses through our tax dollars; yet they pay nothing when they lose.  This has to change. 

In the meantime, IRS Union Employees will get $70 million in bonuses this year, 40% of which will be paid for with borrowed money added to our National Debt, for making life miserable for many American citizens.  What is wrong with the picture.     

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