Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Checks & Balances Are Dead

Our Founding Fathers created the three "co-equal" branches of government; the Executive, the Legislative and Judiciary branches of the federal government to provide for proper Check and Balances on power because they had experienced an all powerful divine right king  The concept was good; but the reality is that it no longer exists today.   The fact is that Presidents for the last 100 years have each issued thousands of Executive Orders to get around Congress and essentially enact laws without any participation from our elected representatives. 

Congress, including members of both the Socialist and the Republican Parties, have willingly participated in the last 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.  And, the Judiciary is often nothing more than a rubber stamp related to Congressional, or Executive Actions, culminating in the ruling that ObamaCare is Constitutional under the government's taxing authority.   Since that ruling basically says that the government can force Americans to do, or buy just about anything, our freedoms guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights are essentially lost.

We see this again related to the National Security Agency monitoring our phone calls, emails and Internet Activity, using rubber stamp court orders to do it, in complete disregard of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, protecting us from illegal searches and seizures.   The reality is that out of 34,000 requests by Big Brother to ignore the 4th Amendment, the court only disallowed 11. 

Our Founding Fathers are all turning over in their graves.  The good work they did in fighting a revolution and establishing our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in particular, have been disregarded by our elected officials, of both political parties, feeding at the trough.   Since we no longer have any Checks and Balances on power, what we have instead is Absolute Power and everyone knows that Absolute Power Corrupts, particularly when Socialists, like Obama, Communists, or Fascist are in charge.

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up to take back our country and government, by insisting that our Constitution, as written, not interpreted, remain the basis for our governance.   We cannot allow a dictatorship in the United States, the direction we are heading toward.   The US is just a few steps away from becoming a Totalitarian nation, particularly because of the current Obamanistas in power.   We face the Gestapo at the IRS, NSA, EPA, FBI, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and various other federal government agencies.   All Americans should fear what is happening.  We are fast losing our freedom.    

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