Friday, June 14, 2013

US Government Surveillance of Americans

Recent revelations in the news tell us that the US government is implementing surveillance of all American citizens by monitoring phone calls, emails and personal Internet activity.   The million square foot facility built outside Salt Lake City (five times bigger than the Capital building) by the National Security Agency has enough capacity to monitor and store every single personal interaction between all Americans for years to come.  And, don't be surprised if we don't learn that this Obama Gestapo is not also monitoring our credit card activity.  There is no doubt that the technology is there to track everything we do, eat, buy and own. 

Big Brother is here and his name is Socialist President Obama.   It is particularly ironic that Obama has approved this vast over reach of the Patriot Act, enacted by Bush II to track Terrorist activity, when Obama railed against Bush II as a Presidential candidate in 2007.  In fact, Obama said that if elected he would order his Attorney General to strike down every Bush Executive Order that was a violation of our rights.  First, given that Eric Holder is the Attorney General and is a proven liar held in Contempt of Congress, that comment by Obama is pretty laughable. 

The Patriot Act, which this Blogger supported after 9/11, was supposed to track Terrorist and foreign connectivity, not my wife's cell phone, Internet and Facebook activity.   The National Security Agency simply needs to implement profiling to track Radical Islamists with connections to various Muslim countries, along with any extremists groups in the US to stop any Terrorist threat.   Even with all this over reach and violation of our rights that is occurring today, it did not stop the Boston bombers, or the Muslim Army Major that killed many on an American military base in the US.  These things happened because the NSA and the FBI did not have their eye on the ball. 

Tracking the communications of all Americans amounts to shredding the Bill of Rights.   Supposedly, this is justified because it is approved by a court.  The reality is that with the Supreme Court decision in favor of ObamaCare, we no longer have any real checks and balances to restrain Executive Power.   There were 34,000 requests from government agencies to the court to allow this expanded wire tapping and only 11 were rejected.  Getting court approval is just a rubber stamp formality and nothing more. 

In addition, all the communications companies; Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and all the phone companies are now compromised and cannot be trusted to safeguard the information we give them.  These companies were already selling our information to marketing companies to track our buying behaviors.  Now they are all in bed with the federal government, especially Google, as good Crony Capitalists.   This is the reason major protests are planned on July 4.   Young people in particular that live on the Internet feel betrayed both by these companies and their President Obama. 

At that same time, Homeland Security and now it was revealed that the IRS are buying AR-15 Assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.   The question is why and to use against whom.  Why on earth would an IRS Agent, presumably an accountant, be packing heat.  Supposedly IRS agents had to use guns 8 times, while doing their jobs, however, there were 11 other incidents when they injured themselves in the process.   This might be because an accountant should not be given a pointy pencil let alone a gun to do his or her job.  What are they smoking in Washington DC. 

Is the IRS now responsible for enforcing ObamaCare going to go out with guns to make sure all Americans buy medical insurance.   What is next?  On a daily basis we learn of these threats to our freedom.   There are no longer any checks on Executive Power as Obama is using Executive Order to get around Congress to "transform" America into a Socialist nation.   Homeland Security and the IRS are being given guns, not to deal with Terrorists; but because Obamanistas fear unrest and civil turmoil that will come with the economic collapse of the United States.  These are very dangerous times indeed.    

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