Sunday, June 23, 2013

President Pinnochio Obama - Time To Take Responsibility

Socialist President Obama is viewed as weak overseas.   We see this daily as leaders in countries like China and Russia regularly thumb their nose at Obama.  This week is was the Edward Snowden extradition that is not going to happen as a result of actions taken by China and Russia.  The reality is that they just don't fear Obama.  Machiavelli posed the question in his age old book The Prince, is it better for the leader to be feared or loved.  Obama's need to be loved, perhaps because he was abandoned by his mother and father as a child, is not only dangerous on the world stage, it leads to lack of respect.  Only those leaders who are feared are respected. 

And, the drip, drip, drip of numerous Scandals is not helping Obama because he is viewed as weakened at home.  It is time for Obama to take responsibility for Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Cover Up, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Surveillance Program Overreach, Seizure of Reporter's Phone Records and the State Department Sex and Drugs Cover Up.  It does not matter if Obama ordered these things or not, the fact is that Obama's Administration is mired in Scandals, as various government bureaucrats have gone before Congress and lied through their teeth.

Obama needs to stand up and say Enough.   For five years Obama has blamed President Bush and other factors for all his problems.   Frankly, that got really old after a year or two.   But all these Scandals have nothing to do with George W Bush, or anybody else.   They all happened on Obama's Watch.  Unfortunately, Obama is a Man/Child seemingly incapable of taking responsibility.  But that is exactly what he needs to do, confessing his involvement if it occurred and then FIRING Obamanistas that may have done these things on their own.  Heads need to roll to get past these Scandals.  It will not happen any other way. 

If Obama does not do what this Blogger is suggesting, these Scandals will destroy what is left of Obama's Second Term.  And, while that may not be a bad thing if it causes Obama's inability to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation, it is dangerous on the world state.   We already see a world in turmoil as a result of Obama's naive and inexperienced approach to foreign policy.   It will only get worse if Obama is weakened further at home.   It is what it is.   

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