Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obama's Idiotic Energy Policy

As though ObamaCare is not bad enough, Socialist President Obama has issued an Executive Order, to the Environmental Protection Agency, one of his Gestapo's, to get around Congress, that will destroy the coal industry in the US.  In the process, millions of jobs will be lost in the US, the cost of everything will go up dramatically because the cost of energy and production will increase and all Americans will experience a lower standard of living.  Currently, 40% of US power plants are powered by coal.  Obama's new restrictions will cause electric companies to close those plants, or convert them to natural gas.   Conversion costs will be passed on to rate payers.   And, natural gas is more expensive than coal.  So, when you see your cost of living go up in the US and you have less disposable income to spend as you like, you can thank Obama and the people you know who voted for him.   Please be confrontational and vocal with them when you do it. 

This will also cause more American companies, that are energy intensive, to move more jobs overseas to places like China and India that are opening a coal fired plant a week.  Most important, Obama's Idiotic Energy Policy will do absolutely nothing to impact global warming.  In fact, while carbon emissions have been falling in the US for years, so that we are back to 1992 levels, they are still growing overseas.   And, by the way, global temperatures have been stable for the past 16 or more years.  It is not getting warmer after all.   This is all a bunch of baloney cooked up by big government Socialists around the world to extract more taxes from hard working tax payers. 

Obama is doing this now to take the focus off all the Scandals plaguing his Administration and his foreign policy fiasco's.   We are in for a very rough three years until Obama and his minions are finally gone.   This President is a clear and present danger to our nation like nothing this Blogger has seen in my life time.   The good news is that the next President, hopefully a real Conservative, can cancel all of these radical Obama Executive Orders with the stroke of a pen.   It can't come too soon.  In the mean time, Obama, the Man/Child, can do a lot of damage to the United States. 

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