Tuesday, June 18, 2013

National Security Agency Hides Behind Court Rulings

If you can believe what the National Security Agency is telling us, (doubtful), their justification for violating the Bill of Rights and more specifically the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing Americans protection from illegal searches and seizures, when they monitor our phone calls, emails and Internet activity is that it is court approved.  Big Deal, it is still a violation of our rights.   And, the court is just a rubber stamp anyway.   It has been reported that out of 34,000 NSA requests to the court to ignore the 4th Amendment, only 11 have been rejected. 

And, given all the Obama Scandals, it has become clear that we cannot believe what comes out of government Washington mouths.   There are lots of liars, including Socialist President Obama, feeding at the trough.  Of course, the NSA claims that 50 Terrorist Threats have been overted because of this program and violation of our rights, presumably since 9/11.  Obviously, the NSA did not prevent the Boston bombing, or the Terrorist attack by a Muslim Army Major, with ties to the Middle East, who killed numerous soldiers, screaming Allah Akbar, "God is Great".   Most important, if we have to give up our freedom to protect our freedom, what have we gained. 

Further, the expanded NSA Surveillance Program actually can be making us less safe.  By focusing on my wife and her Phone Calls, Facebook and Internet activity and millions of other Americans like her, rather than potential Islamic Radicals, with ties to Muslim countries known to harbor and support Terrorists, the NSA could be missing the forest for the trees.  What is happening now is just another big government ineffective, wasteful, jobs program.

It is time for the NSA and other government agencies to implement profiling to focus on potential Islamic Terrorists, with ties to the Middle East and other Muslim countries, not law abiding American citizens in violation of our rights.  It is bad enough that when we fly we sometimes have to suffer the indignity of a man with his hand down our pants.  We don't need Obama Big Brother watching everything we do and say.  We are just steps away from becoming a Totalitarian nation in the name of protecting us from Terrorists.  Yes, we do need to focus on the bad guys; but otherwise the rest of us should be left alone in accordance with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Enough is enough.    

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