Sunday, June 16, 2013

Obama & Syria

Socialist President Obama has finally decided that he is going to send arms to the Rebels in Syria.   All should know as we do this that there is a Civil War going on in Syria, pitting the Alawite Shiite minority, Dictator Assad's PEEP's and mafia family, against Sunni Muslims.   This is a replay of what happened in Iraq, only in reverse.   However, in this case, the Iranians, Russians and Hezbollah, enemies to Israel, are backing Assad as their pawn.   The Rebels are getting their support from the Saudis and other Sunni led governments.  This is both a surrogate geo-political and religious war as much as anything else. 

However, there should no allusions about the Rebels.  They are infiltrated by Al Queda, enemies to both Western countries and Israel.  And, no matter who wins this religious war, Syria is likely to end up with a Dictator that will be no friend to the United States or Israel, no different than has happened in Egypt now being run by the Muslim Brotherhood, an avowed enemy of Israel and Western countries. 

Socialist President Obama is very naive in his Middle East dealings.   We are confronted by Radical Islam in the Middle East and it exists both among the Sunni's and the Shiites.  The Saudis fund Madrases Schools all over the world that preach hatred of the United States, other Western countries and Israel.  These radical Islamists hate freedom and Western values, particularly related to the place of women in society.  We are even seeing it in play in Turkey, a supposed ally of the United States and member of NATO, as the Prime Minister there is attempting to turn Turkey into an Islamist state, moving that country away from its secular roots.  
As such, as we move to assist the Rebels in Syria, no one in the United States should expect a positive outcome no matter what happens there.    This situation can only be the best of the worst scenario when the dust settles.  Too bad Obama can't see the forest for the trees; but nothing new related to his failed foreign policy in the Middle East. 

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