Friday, June 21, 2013

Common Sense In America Is Dead

This Blogger is a Common Sense Conservative.  That means that I am a right wing Pragmatist who supports Free Market Capitalism, Economic Freedom and Limited Constitutional Government, with adherence to our Bill of Rights, as constructed by our Founding Fathers.   I am also a Social Conservative; but not radical on most issues.  I can live with nuanced positions on Gay Marriage, Abortion and Immigration Reform, as long as foundation principles are not violated.  I guess all of this means that Big Brother is watching me. With this orientation, I often find myself saying things like can we just implement some common sense.  For example: 

Does it make sense to keeping borrowing 40 cents for every federal dollar that is spent, adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, which will cause bankruptcy and the economic collapse of the United States.   This will lead to civil strife on our streets and may even cause the dissolution of the United States. 

Does it make sense to give billions of tax payer dollars and military equipment to countries like Egypt and Pakistan with people that hate our country and Western values and that harbor Terrorists.

Does it make sense to allow the Environmental Protection Agency, using Executive Orders to destroy manufacturing and retard energy production in the United States, when we so desperately need jobs. 

Does it make sense for the federal government to implement a Big Brother National Surveillance Program, monitoring the phone calls, emails and Internet activity of law abiding citizens, when everyone knows the Terrorist threats we face primarily comes from Radical Islam, within and outside the United States. 

Does it make sense to enact Immigration Reform, before our border is secure, when the current laws on the books related to illegal aliens are being ignored by Obamanistas. 

Does it make sense to allow young girls the ability to buy the morning after Abortion pill, without any parental involvement, or a doctor's prescription when a school is not allowed to give these same young girls an aspirin without parental approval.   And, should public schools be allowed to send that same young girl to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, without parental approval, when the school cannot take the kid on a field trip without a signed trip slip from a parent.

This Blogger could go on and on related to so many things happening in America today that defy basic common sense.  This has nothing to do with Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Socialist; but rather is just about logic.   Apparently, Common Sense in America is Dead.  Instead, what we have is irrational thinking by politicians that are causing  fiscal and moral bankruptcy in our country.  We have reached stupid on issue after issue; particularly with Obamanistas in power.  Go figure. 

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