Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Obamanistas Support Abortion Pill

For a little while it looked like the Obama Administration would do the right thing when in opposed allowing young girls, under 15 years old, the right to buy the Plan B Abortion Pill, without a doctor's prescription.   The reality is that any minor should have been required to get a prescription to buy this after sex pill; but Health and Human Services at first agreed to a 15 year old cut off.  Pro - Choice Groups, including abortion mill Planned Parenthood, sued in court to remove any restrictions on buying this abortion pill over the counter at any age.  A left wing liberal judge, who should be impeached, agreed with these radical feminist groups. 

Rather than appeal the decision, Obama could not withstand the pressure from his PEEP's at Planned Parenthood and as a result, Obama ordered the Attorney General to drop the case.   So now, young girls of any age can buy the Plan B Abortion Pill.   This should be no surprise since Obama supports unlimited right to abortion, including heinous partial birth abortion, which is infanticide murder. 

Why is it that Socialists and the lame stream left wing media are so intent on killing innocent babies and particularly Black and other minority babies, since most abortions are performed on poor women of color.   Given the technology that clearly shows a living human being, this Blogger just does not get it.  Since when does a woman have the right to choose the death of another human being without any consequences.   And, now with the morning after abortion pill, young girls will have unprotected sex knowing that all they need to do to prevent pregnancy is take a pill they can buy over the counter.   A country that would murder babies cannot remain a country for long because without moral authority all is lost. 

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